View Full Version : MC3 Adjustable Wings

2016.01.31, 09:36 AM
We're pleased to announce that after thorough testing, our wings truly work and hold up to racing demands.

MC3 presents our Adjustable Wings which feature a true aero-foil profile and allow for an adjustable angle of attack.

These are 3D printed adjustable wings made specifically to factory-fit the McLaren 12C, Ferrari F458 Italia GT2 and Audi R8 LMS bodies at this time.

You need to supply 2 screws and nuts. The current revision is compatible with alloy wheel nuts.

We offer wholesale pricing to qualifying dealers.

2016.01.31, 02:38 PM
looks great. I saw something similar on shapeways. Was that your Product?

2016.01.31, 04:13 PM
My engineer/ designer has also posted/ uploaded to something like that. Not sure if shape ways or not, but that would make sense.

I have the product in stock for those racers that need it immediately. We will have other exciting products shortly of this nature.

2016.02.06, 12:36 AM
I can't give feedback on any handling difference yet till more testing. I can say very nice design and fit and finish. I like the adjustable wing idea. I'll report back after testing.