View Full Version : Loss of signal

2016.02.02, 11:47 AM
I have a new ma-02s awd with the kt-19 and when the car and tx get more then 2 feet away signal is lost.

I tried the reset procedure and new batteries and neither worked. Help!

2016.02.02, 04:21 PM
you should start by running some tests to identify which one (Tx or Board?) is generating the problem..

2016.02.02, 04:44 PM
Have seen several instances of this in the 03S series but not the 020. It has most always been a board issue and not the transmitter. However, make sure that the batteries in the radio are new and are alkaline and not NIMH. The discharge characteristics of the two types of battery can create concerns.

If you have proof of purchase from an on shore seller then KoA is really good about assisting.