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2016.02.10, 06:32 AM
We have a small club in northern Rhode Island..indoor carpet oval. We run 3 classes..Mini Z, F1 and now AMZ.
Our F1 cars are using Nascar bodies and we run a Nascar style oval track. We are currently using Kyosho 20 degree fronts and 6 degree rears. It appears that Kyosho has stopped manufacturing these tires and stock is becoming very hard to find.
Can anyone recommend tires for us to try? We are running on a glued down, commercial...low nap carpet.
Here is a link to our club track:


2017.12.01, 05:54 AM
After doing more research...I would like to know if anyone has had luck running a new tire....KS2520...on carpet.
Apparently, the old tire of choice...PN Racing carpet R106R...has been discontinued, so we are looking for a suitable replacement.

2017.12.01, 02:11 PM
One post discusses fronts and one post discusses rears....are you looking for both?

If you're looking for yourself I have a bunch of unopened K20fronts I could probably part with....hit me up via pm