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2016.02.16, 10:29 AM
What the best tire glue

2016.02.16, 11:19 AM
I don't think most use glue for the mini-z tires anymore, I know it used to be more common. with the PN and Kyosho's new tire tapes I've never had a tire come off the wheel until I take it off, and some times that can be a challenge as well.

2016.02.16, 02:57 PM
I still use glue for the front outside bead. Tape is fine for the most part.....

CA glue that's thin and has a medium or quick set works the best.

Mike Keely
2016.02.16, 03:22 PM
I use the krazy glue that has a brush applicator. You can get it in the office supply section of Kmart or CVS.

2016.02.16, 08:58 PM
Whether glue is needed or not depends on the surface and tires that you ate using. You can change the handling characteristics drastically with the use or absence of glue.

In general, you have the most lateral grip without glue, with tape holding the tire to the wheel. While the tire may not come loose from the wheel, it may have more steering response than desired.

If glue were applied between the tire and wheel, there would be more responsive steering with less mid to exit steering. Traction rolls are also reduced when the front tires are glued.

2016.02.17, 09:12 AM
good info guys. :)

2016.02.17, 07:32 PM
agree... hmm... emu's back... nice to see you post... what's up?

2016.02.18, 12:47 AM

I use Atomic glue

our club is using carpet surface

one of my friend told me that for carpet surface you will need glue, becuase the tires are very soft compare to RCP tires. RCP tires are hard so tape will do the job fine.

Do you guys agree?