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2016.02.25, 02:54 PM
http://i1234.photobucket.com/albums/ff418/mugler/d3074322-6f15-4063-bfeb-963d3d65b28e_zpsszam8svw.jpg (http://s1234.photobucket.com/user/mugler/media/d3074322-6f15-4063-bfeb-963d3d65b28e_zpsszam8svw.jpg.html)

PN Racing
13200 Brooks Dr, Suite E
Baldwin Park, CA 91706

Saturday, July 2nd: All day practice
Sunday, July 3rd: Single qualification followed by Quintuple Rounds of Mains (5 Rounds!)
Detailed schedule TBA a month before event.

Cost / Driver Limit:
Sunday 07/03/16 Qual & Race: $20.00
Saturday 07/02/16 Practice: Free with pre-signup by 05/31/16, otherwise $10 on the day of.

Registration: https://www.RCCarEvents.com/event.cfm?id=2558
Max # of Entries: 21

Only 1 class - 50/5500 GT/LM Spec Gear-Blinky

Racing & Qualification Formats:
- One 10 minute Formula 1 style open qualification round for each randomly selected group of racers capped at 7 per group. Position ranking for mains based on SINGLE fastest lap time. F1Style Qual = Drivers can start/stop running at any given time as many times as they choose during 10 minute qualification session to achieve their single fastest lap.

- Quintuple rounds of Mains (5 rounds!) 10 minutes. / resort after each round / points calculated after each round based on most laps in shortest time regardless of which Main cars race in…any car in any Main gets ranked amongst all cars racing in the event.
- Scoring system based on PNWC 2016 rules with the following adjustments:
- Final score based on scores of top 4 rounds / 1 throwout
- A driver who wins the first 4 rounds must seat out round 5.


Only following motors and matching gearing allowed:
- PN 50T BUSHING / Spec Gearing: 64pitch 53T Spur / 8T Pinion (Ball Bearing 50T motor NOT allowed). Modification of any kind not allowed and must use stock type brushes motor comes with, no silver brushes.
- PN 5500KV motor / Spec Gearing: 64pitch 53T Spur / 9T Pinion. Short rotor is allowed and FYI with spec gearing short rotor will be needed to match PN 50T brushed motor.
**advanced time setting for BL ESC's is allowed. (revised 06/28/2016).

Kyosho BL Motors & Gears:
Racers who already have a kyosho red-can BL motor & kyosho diffs can race with stock kyosho spur and 6T Pinion & for Kyosho BL blue-can motor stock spur with 7T pinion.

Chassis:Any 27-28 scale chassis 2WD/AWD with wheelbase from 86mm to 102mm.

Batteries: Only AAA NiMh Batteries allowed

Minimum chassis weight limit: None

Body: Only Plastic Kyosho and TRP brand GT or Le Mans bodies allowed. No Lexan, Pan Car or Formula 1 bodies allowed. Any body modifications allowed within PNWC rules.

Wing: All Stock wings allowed. All aftermarket wings conforming with PNWC measurement rules allowed. Using wings is NOT mandatory.

- Standard mini-z GT size front and rear wheels in any offset.
- Variables: Aftermarket 21mm dia rear wheels NOT allowed (out of spec roll-out)/ aftermarket front smaller than 20mm dia wheels ARE allowed/ LM wheels allowed.

Tires: Only rubber compound tires allowed, best tires to use are PN KS compounds. Submit tire brand and part number if planning to use something different to make sure they are in fact made of rubber. Truing tires allowed, community tire truer (s) will be available throughout the event. LM tires NOT allowed - out of spec roll-out.

No CA rule: Only double sided tape allowed for installing front and rear tires on wheels. No CA glue or any other kind of liquid adhesive allowed anywhere on tires or wheels including side walls.

**As always no traction compound and no cleaners allowed on tires except for 70% isopropyl alcohol per PNWC rules.

All other rules not mentioned above follow PNWC 2016 Rules (http://pnracing.us/pnwc2016/pnwc-2016-rules.htm). Any new scenario(s), interpretation or rule adjustments will be at the race directors discretion.

2016.03.01, 04:15 PM
Registration count so far for July 3rd race at PN:

1. Charles Lightfoot
2. Doug Rebal
3. Alex M.
4. David Fergoso
5. Matt Sui

Register HERE (https://www.RCCarEvents.com/event.cfm?id=2558).

Monthly PN Racing (https://www.google.com/maps/place/Kenon+Hobby/@34.0980727,-117.9859756,17z/data=!4m7!1m4!3m3!1s0x80c2d9da756f7b63:0x4cd5db667 52ac8da!2sKenon+Hobby!3b1!3m1!1s0x80c2d9da756f7b63 :0x4cd5db66752ac8da) (Kenon Hobby) first Sunday of the month track day coming up this Sunday March 6th from 11am to 6pm...open practice, test & tune and co-ordinated group runs.Lap counter on all day. All day practice fee of only $10.

2016.05.09, 10:29 PM
11 racers registered so far for / hoping to see 15.

click here to register (https://www.rccarevents.com/event.cfm?id=2558)

2016.06.14, 09:01 PM
T-minus 18 Days to Mini-Z Summer Cool Down Race !

Race Day schedule attached.
So far 13 confirmed :Dentries with 5 more drivers still on the fence !
still time to register at: https://www.RCCarEvents.com/event.cfm?id=2558

2016.06.15, 11:08 AM
How come CA glue was banned?

2016.06.15, 02:08 PM
How come CA glue was banned?

Just to spare the new(er) to mini-z racers from the tedious & technical task of (if it's to be done right) using CA. Also cheaper due to the fact most don't own the reusable derlin wheels. Personally I'm happy not having to deal with CA fumes if I don't have to :)

2016.06.21, 06:29 PM
T minus 11 days to race day.
14 Racers and counting.
Still time to register here (T minus 11 days to race day.
14 Racers and counting.
Still time to register here for some weekend RC action before 4th of July Monday celebrations) for some weekend RC action before 4th of July Monday celebrations :)

http://i1234.photobucket.com/albums/ff418/mugler/Screen%20Shot%202016-06-21%20at%203.36.05%20PM_zpsnlbk5tox.png (http://s1234.photobucket.com/user/mugler/media/Screen%20Shot%202016-06-21%20at%203.36.05%20PM_zpsnlbk5tox.png.html)

2016.06.28, 11:33 AM
Only days away now !:)

-Saturday 10am to 6pm practice
-Sunday gates open at 8am, racing starts at 11:00 sharp. (driver's meeting at 10:45.
-10:00am Sunday cut off time for sign ups

There's been a typo regarding race lengths in "some postings" on different platforms. To clarify race length for each quintuple main will be "10 minutes" not eight.

Only revision to original rules: boost (advanced timing) for brushless motors IS allowed.

Midweek practice if anyone's interested: there'll be a few racers there today & on Thursday. Track is open 5 days a week for any other day practice till 6:00.

2016.07.04, 03:02 PM
Results Posted ! (PDF attached below - 6 total pages in same file)
PM me if you notice any corrections maybe needed.

What an exciting day at the races with 15 entires at the last count & Thank you PN staff for a smooth running program.
Nice to see all kinds of speed & consistency improvements amongst pretty much everyone!
As expected the experienced NorCal crew had a little something for us & we're glad to have a target to chase:D:tire: Much appreciate their effort to show up to this race and make it that much better.

Since all other non-specific race rules followed PNWC rules the tie breaker between Jeff & George was determined based on the following: " The first tie breaker being the total of the laps and time of each driver’s two highest pointed mains." link to PNWC 2016 Rules (http://pnracing.us/pnwc2016/pnwc-2016-rules.htm).

In a week or so complete heat sheets will also be posted which will include lap times for all laps and graphic showing race position shuffles during each race.

2016.07.04, 05:18 PM
Thanks for the results/info. Would love to get to one sometime out your way. :)

2016.07.05, 05:21 PM
Thanks for the results/info. Would love to get to one sometime out your way. :)

More visitors from all over is exactly what we look forward to so that'll be a treat for sure !

Will try to announce next bigger upcoming racing event as far in advance as possible to allow for planning ahead for those who may be considering.

In the meantime PN will be running the mini-z world series format at it's monthly (first Sunday of the Month) track days. Plan is to submit times under FFA in August and most likely Stock there after. :)