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2016.02.27, 09:06 PM
Hi all,
So I have been in rc many years and love it but have began to look at the smaller scale rc's that I could run indoors lol. Now I heard mini z were great quality and a lot of upgrades can be done. Originally I bought a mini z overland rtr but it hasn't shipped yet and I started to think about getting a car. Specifically the zent cerumo. Here's my thing I can't race it Bc there's no tracks around my house and my kitchen well the area I could run in that's not taken up by tables etc is only 10x15. I'm worried that it would be to small an area to run these pretty quick for scale cars and my other rooms have thick area rugs. Also the road outside has to many small rocks to run it. So here's my question would I be able to fully enjoy the car or would you guys keep the overland seller said either way they didn't care which I chose also both are new in box. The zent is the mr-03s.

2016.02.28, 07:47 AM
To get the full experience of the Mini-Z scale you need to run it on a track be it RCP or low pile carpet.


2016.02.28, 08:26 AM
If you're just going to be messing around with it in your house, I'd go with the Overland. You will have a lot of fun with it, and you can set up small courses with obstacles to drive over.

2016.02.28, 09:19 AM
Thanks for the input guys I appreciate it. That's also what I figured I'm usually a trail truck guy have done a lot with axial rigs. But I wanted something a little smaller I done some searching and found the overland and the losi trail trekker. But the overlands body and appearance was more scale and realistic. The only thing that put me off was a lack of awd and it seems like getting upgraded parts is a chore. I did find some gpm parts on Amazon tho. I got the aluminum gpm knuckles, aluminum gpm shocks and rear aluminum shock tower. I did have a couple of questions about the overland.
1. Where do you find scale parts to add to the body.
2. Can you add a lift kit to the truck.
3. I'd like to get aluminum wheels but rims for the overland are kind of hard to find at least for me will the mr-03s rim fit.
4. Where can I find some off-road tires for the rig.

Sorry for all the questions I'm new and excited lol. Thanks for any replies.