View Full Version : Questions on MR-03 vs MA-02

2016.03.02, 11:46 AM
I understand the basic difference between the SAD(single axel drive) and AWD and that AWD is preferred for drift.

1. How well does the AWD handle with road/race tires on a track compared to the MR-03. Ideally I want to be able to do both but cannot afford to by 2 separate cars right off the bat.

2. I like the idea of the brushless motor on the MA-02VE, but can that chassis be used with 3rd party radios and syncro touch radio the same as the MA-020S or am I better off finding an upgrade for the MA-020S to brushless?

3. Are all models compatible with the ICS USB cable and software or where can I find the list of which are and are not?

2016.03.02, 12:16 PM
You can make the 020 perform well as a racer with tuning the diffs. An open diff (some sort of gear diff) front with a ball diff rear sends good power without serious seam edge tracking.

VE chassis will not use S type of radios. It is very beneficial to get either a module based radio (getting rare) or a KO Propo radio for the VE chassis

It would seem to me that the ics cable is compatible as long as the software can understand Erich model you are trying to connect.

2016.03.02, 01:24 PM
So it looks like the MA-02VE is out of the question since the TX is an additional 250USD and the chassis is roughly 60USD more making that setup roughly 300USD more than almost any other setup since the MA-020S comes as RTR. Then the FS-IT4 cam be had for 100USD.

However can the MA-020S be upgraded to a brushless motor easily?