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2016.03.05, 01:14 AM
Hi guys I would like to know if I can turn my MR-03 into a drifter and what parts am I going to need to make this happen. Finally found a place where I can race my MINI Z, but I will be going against 1/10 scale drifters and I would like to go up against them. Thank You

2016.03.05, 09:15 AM
I am still in the process of getting my mini-z but I can tell you in general, you CAN drift any car that isn't FWD. The whole idea is that you want to break the rear tires traction while keeping traction on the front for control. This is usually done by over powering the rear wheels but can bee helped by using slick tires on the rear so less power is needed to break them free.

With an AWD car you gain control because you have power to the front wheels as well so that you have better control while the rear are sliding. It makes the while process a lot easier.

So from my research on the mini-z there are a few things that will make the process easier, and someone who has done this will likely chime in with real world experience. First make sure you have a MR-03 that can be tuned with the ICS adapter. You want MR placement for your motor. You want semi slick tires on the front and slick on the rear. You will need a rear diff that you can lock so that both tires to break free at the same time.

2016.03.05, 02:28 PM
you will be at a severe disadvantage but it can be done....bmm has discussed most of the key points for you to look into.

To save yourself a ton of effort you might try to find yourself a cheap 2nd hand Tamiya TT01 or an Associated TC4 at your local pawn shop and electrical tape the wheels. I found that was the cheapest way for me to get into 1/10th RC drift...wasnt perfect but for $50 I could fake it well enough

2016.03.05, 09:51 PM
you will be at a severe disadvantage but it can be done....bmm has discussed most of the key points for you to look into.

To save yourself a ton of effort you might try to find yourself a cheap 2nd hand Tamiya TT01 or an Associated TC4 at your local pawn shop and electrical tape the wheels. I found that was the cheapest way for me to get into 1/10th RC drift...wasnt perfect but for $50 I could fake it well enough

That heavily depends on the type of drifting, if they are doing tandem races yes but if they are doing style point sessions it wont matter that he's not 1/10. That said if you do go 1/10 you can goto the hardware store and find some PVC that fits snuggly over your wheels in place of tires and that works amazingly well.

2016.03.06, 07:05 PM
Just got back from the drifting competition and from what I saw what I need to do with my MINI Z is have really slick tires like BMM said, have my front end toe out and what degree I don't know, but the one thing is the turning range. Maybe a slower engine as well. So the turning range and engine and motor mount. What are your guys idea and recommendation.

2016.03.06, 07:45 PM
although i really haven't tried drifting a mr03... i would suggest for you to try out the awd mini-z... it would be a lot easier to drift just put on the proper drift tires (solid plastic tires) and you'll be good to go... good luck...

2016.03.07, 06:07 AM
I never saw consistent drift with MR-03. Only donuts. As Mini-z are too tiny, once you loose the rear end, it will be very hard to take it back the way drift needs. You may add a Gyro and play with those settings too. Please send some videos if you have any success.

Wishing all the best!

2016.03.08, 02:10 AM
OK Herman which one 020 or which one. remember Im new
i'm not too well versed in the awd...
although i do have a couple...
i've got the first ma 010 which is 27am mhz
then i got the ma 010 afs - which is 2.4 ghz

basically that's it.... didn't really like them because i had problems with them not running or tracking straight... they would kind of veer off or favor one side just very slightly...

so i just use them for drifting... kyosho developed some more iterations / models after that... i think the ma 020 and ma020s... i think they've got a brushless version now...

i don't know if the newer versions solved or addressed the steering issues... but looks like lots of people are are into awd... i might have just gotten a couple of bum awd's ... i've also read that others have the same problem as me... guess you could go to a hobby shop or track and see if you can try one out for yourself to see which one you like the mr03 or ma010/ma020... hope this helps....

2016.03.08, 09:05 PM
Hi guys.

This is my first post.

I saw this post and had to chime in to find out some more information too. I recently saw this youtube Vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EokjmGiFRMM
and it made me wont to get a small scale drifter. Unfortunately I have no idea what chassis it is. I do have a Sakura D4, its awesome but need something smaller for those rainy days and rwd

I’m just learning about the mini Z platform and my golly there is a lot to learn – hence why I’m writing here.

So I am on the quest for a rear wheel drive drifter with gyro assist.

I emailed Kyosho and asked them which chassis I should use for my application. They suggested the new MR-03 Sport 2 chassis which has a gyro port.
I also asked them about increasing steering angle to “ Catch the drift “ but they couldn’t comment. You guys have any suggestions? Maybe tweaking the chassis with some upgrades might help.

So I google kyosho gyros and this is what came up
This gyro http://www.kyoshoamerica com/Gyro-Unit-Setfor-MR-03S2-MA-020S_p_23667.html looks to be compatible with the new Sport 2 Chassis

But there is also this gyro for the MR 03 which might fit your Chassis Valkyrie001
http://banzaihobby com/radio-control/kyosho-miniz/mr-03-parts/mzw405-kyosho-mini-z-gyro-unit-set-for-mr-03.

Does anyone know what the difference is? Four input wires on the MZW431 and three wires on the MZW405?
Would the extra wire be for throttle corrections?

Anyone here using gyros?

Either way, some input from you chaps would be nice. Im assuming not many people have actually done this and Im unsure if its possible using a Mini Z. Just wish the owner of that youtube clip posted his setup because that’s exactly what I wonna achieve. Looking forward to more comments. Cheers

2016.03.09, 01:12 AM
Hi NZ that's what Im trying to figure out. Like I said earlier in my post what I saw in the 1/10 scale drift comp is that they were using plastic tires and they were rear and AWD drifters. So I sent a e-mail to tiny rc and Im still waiting for an answer. Now for the gyro Im clueless because Im new to the whole thing, but I can say this about my MR-03...It gives the 1/10 the blues when I street race them. The power to weight ratio is ridiculous and the cornering maneuverability is amazing, so that is why I was tiring to figure out two set ups for my 03, one for circuit racing and one for drifting. O what I have is the MR-03 Sport

2016.03.09, 01:16 AM
http://www.kyoshoamerica com/MINI-Z-MR-03S-McLaren-12C-GT3_p_23491.html

2016.03.09, 02:02 AM
I doubt you can drift decently with a rear wheel drive mini-z mr03.
You won't be able to increase steering angle as the steering mechanism is tiny and compact, no chance to modify it.
Drifting on Miniz is done on the AWD car (ma01 or ma02). It's not as realistic as with bigger scale cars, but you can definitelly drift. The steering angle on the awd is also limited by the steering mechanism and also the universal joints.
All Miniz drift videos you'll find on YouTube are done with awd cars, ideally on carpet track.
I tried to drift my mr03 for fun and while I can occasionally pull a good move, you just don't have enough control.

2016.03.09, 05:29 AM
As it's smaller cars, the reactions are too fast to overreact to it properly, than you end with donuts. With a lot of testing and patience, I think you may combine an MR-03 ASF with Gyro (trying different settings with ICS programing) and a good combination of tires. There's plastic tires too, but the grip is almost none. You may try decreasing the top end to have more control.

Good luck.

2016.03.09, 05:46 PM
Valk. Correct me if Iím wrong but the MR-03 Sport chassis ( according to the link you sent doesnít have the ability to connect a gyro and ICS ) now this is the SPORT Chassis. Maybe the older MR 03 chassis can handle the MZW403 gyro.
For you to have the same platform and drift and race might be challenging because the different setup for both.
Valk are you new to drifting? You might have to get the AWD MA-020S or an older MA-010 and have that setup for drifting. Itís a good place to start.

Minizorro is correct.. without a gyro the car will be very difficult to control nicelyÖ unless youíre a champion..

Now the MR 03 Sport 2 Chassis has the ability for gyro assist and ICS connection. Doug01n has a point. With a lot of patience Ė a whole bunch of practice, setting tweaks and tires . Just maybe it could happen

I have noticed whilst drifting my AWD counter steered D3 they are a lot faster than the 1/10 gyro assisted RWDÖ RWD drifters will be a whole lot more slower. BUT thatís what I like.. I like the fact that itís a bit slower and more scale likeÖ Valk have you noticed this speed difference when you were watching the drifters?

Iím on the fence now.. I wont to believe I could get a MR-03 Sport 2 chassis and rwd drift it because Kyosho mini Z seem to be the best platform out there for racing as Valk pointed out.. but to make a RWD Drifter.. challenging..

Iím tempted to purchase it and give it a go but need some more info on the gyro setup. Any correspondence back from tiny rc Valk? What did you ask them?

2016.03.09, 10:59 PM
NZ I have not received any word from TINY yet so I will be calling them tomorrow. For the AWD Im part of a F******k club that buys and sells used MINI Z so Im poking my nose on a 020 so just in case that my project does fail which Im still hopeful. I know that the steering only goes so far, but Im trying to come up with a solution to that which consist of modding some parts, and I know that my steering servo will most likely be the biggest headache. I did see the post for Banzi Hobbies which OI will be asking Tiny as well or call Banzi if Tiny does not have it in stock. I kmow its a uphill battle and all I can hope for is a victory for RWD MINI Z

2016.03.10, 03:34 AM
In normal racing the mr03 steering angle is wide enough, I often limit it actually.
So I guess no one has ever tried to mod the steering.
Knowing how it works though, I would be very surprised you could mod it without making it very easy to break.
If you like 2wd why don't you look at the Atomic 2wd Amz?
You get a much more open platform, a real mini servo, rear suspensions instead of rigid axle so you can add camber to the rear which you cannot on MR03.
I don't own any atomic car but one thing I guarantee about the mr03 is that the asimmetrical design of the rear diff causes uneven transmission of power as soon as the diff is slightly dirty, probably not ideal (unless you were planning to lock it).
The Atomic 2wd could be a good option for you

2016.03.10, 06:52 PM
Minizorro. I while back I actually contacted Atomic about which chassis to use along with that Video I posted, they didn’t even know that you could drift a rwd mini. The first email response from them was to buy the 4wd version with the hyper steering link. I responded by saying that I would like to pursue a 2wd version and asked if there was a mod to increase the steering. Again no real upgrades unfortunately but the technician did say that the 2wd steering angle was close to the 4wd with the hyper steering addition. They also said they may set up a car 2wd car with a gyro and give it a go.. as of yet.. no reply

So I have looked down that path. It may be a possible direction to pursue. Might have to cost up what I need.

Valk. Just a side note I emailed Kyosho USA and asked them about the 431 Gyro and asked about the 4 wires compared to the 3 wires on the 403. There response was” I Cannot disclose that information. “ they also answered my concerns about the gyro correct throttle and steering response. It only correct steering. For some unknown reason I may have read the gyro also corrects the throttle.

PS I must find this social media group. Sounds like another place to get more info. I too am watching some MA-020s Items on ebay. We are approaching winter so would love to have something by then.

I haven’t got any real know how on where to start manipulating the steering angle from scratch. If your modding some existing aftermarket parts that’s a great start. Looking forward to your progress.

2016.03.10, 09:01 PM
After taking to Kyosho USA I have figured out what I need to do for a longer turning radius, and the fact that I can change mt 03 to a 03s2 at just 44 some dollars. Now after looking at the 020 and the AMZ 4wd i wonder which one is better if my project does fail after my Frankenstein project which my wife calls it now. Ive have watch and read reviews on the AMZ which 1 of them was EXTREMELY BIAS (MR 03 MR 03 MR 03), but none of them pined them up against one another. IDK AMZ 4WD or 020...... Now what I have to do for my steering...1. On the knuckles where the pins contact the steering bar, the pins which turns into the frame I will cut those out and switch them; meaning the left will be on the right and right on left. Now the bar will have to be longer so the ends will be cut and extended to meet up with the pins. So hopefully this will work. Wish me luck. The other thing Ill have to lock out my diff which was mentioned earlier.

2016.03.10, 09:05 PM
NZ here ya go

2016.03.11, 02:26 PM
Mate your steering mod won't work.
You should borrow a friends car and check, I applaude your creativity and dedication to mod the car but the steering rod has a particularly limited design that prevents your idea.
In fact even the slightest tweak of the steering pin would result in steering rod binding and getting completely stuck..
Not to mention that there's probably no space for the steering pin to be sitting outwards as you would hit the wheel.
How about you buy yourself a Miniz buggy, remove the front diff and universal joints,put a lexan shell and drift wheels.. Buggy steering is wide and probably easier to tweak..
Not the most low Cg car though but it does drift nicely as AWD

2016.03.11, 06:07 PM
Alright Minizorro Ill look into that, but Ill have to try and mod just so I can satisfy that itch. After looking at some you tube videos on the AMZ 4wd I stumbled across someone trying to balance their machine and I saw that the 4wd wad super left heavy and so was their 2wd, so it looks like 020 for me.Contingency plan......

2016.03.13, 09:14 PM
Thanks for the link Valk. interesting to hear about the balance issue with the AMZ.. Maybe that's to do with the lighter lipo battery? Steering mod sound like a headache on MR03, but looking forward to seeing your results. I wonder how easy it is to mod the AMZ 2wd steering link?

2016.03.14, 05:37 PM
So you want more steering angle? And I'm guessing you want a different knuckle which in turn you would need a new steering rod?


2016.03.25, 08:04 AM
If you are going to setup a MA10/20 AWD for drift, get a one way diff for the front and a solid axle for the back. Also get the Kyosho drift tires. They come in both narrow and wide. You can change the toe by swapping the tie bar for one with a different lenght