View Full Version : FS: Mini-Z MA-010 27Mhz Readyset + Upgrades

2016.03.08, 04:42 PM
Hi all,

I've had this sitting around for ages and ages waiting to be sold, just never got round to doing it. I haven't been on the scene for years!

Name: Simon
Location: Northampton, UK
Contact: PM Me

Description: (Willing to split if you want)

Mini-Z MA-010 27Mhz AM ReadySet (Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 body has some scratches and a mirror missing) (All stock parts included as spares) & Upgrades

Upgraded parts on the car:

- Atomic Racing AWD188-B Mini-Z MA-010 C.G. SAS Pro Kit Ver. II
- Atomic Racing AWD126 AWD SAS Springs (Orange, Hardness #2)
- Atomic Racing AWD177 Carbon Central Shaft (94mm) with Pinion
- x2 Atomic Racing TAR-181 T.A.R SP Ball-Diff
- Atomic Racing AWD175-B Crystal Adapter
- Atomic Racing AWD211-S AWD Aluminium Universal Shafts
- Atomic Racing AWD185-15 T.A.R Steering Knuckle - 1.5deg
- Atomic Racing AWD150 AWD Full Bearing Set
- Kyosho MDF003GB SP Colour Chassis Set /w Gold Connectors
- Kyosho X-Speed V Motor

Spare Upgrades:

- Kyosho MDW003 Tie Rod Set
- Reflex Racing Graphite Drive Shaft
- Atomic Racing AR-212 Silicon Silver Plate Motor Wires
- PN Racing PNWC 70 Turn Stock Motor
- 3 Racing AWD-40/WO Graphite Front & Rear Gear Box
- Atomic Racing AWD013 AWD Stock MOtor
- GPM Racing MZA002 Alloy Completed Lock Nuts (Red)
- Variety of Tyres and Rims including full set of drift plastic tyres and full set of Kyosho AWD Rims

Batteries (Will definitely need cycle charging back to health):
- x4 Orion 1100RT
- x4 Orion 750SHO
- x4 R1 Wurks Competition 750 UHO






Price: $140 + Shipping

Thanks for looking.