View Full Version : WTB: MR-03's, KT-18's, Radios, MA-020

2016.03.11, 03:20 PM
Name: Rob Sower
Location: Boise, ID
Contact: rob.sower@gmail.com
Description: MR-03's RTR or not, KT-18's, Radios, MA-020
Price: Varies

Hey everyone, I'm excited to say that me and my boys are getting back into Mini-z's and will be on the lookout for setups. I have 3 boys and they will all be looking to get MR-03's with KT-18's. We would love for them to be hopped up and prefer the NON brushless cars. We also want to avoid the Sport models.

I would personally like a nice MR-03 to hopefully beat them, lol. I would also like to look at a sweet AWD MA-020. I might be ok with a KT-18, but would likely get some kind of upgraded radio. I've had the Helios as well as the EX-1 (older one) in the past.

Pricing obviously depends on the car, etc. but please don't hesitate to PM or email with what you have in mind. Thanks!!