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2016.03.14, 10:13 PM
So, I'm interested in these things. I don't have one, but I would like to have something to play with in the house (it's small) and work on getting my kid into racing. She liked the Seattle Racers 1/10th stuff..... a little bit.

One of the questions I have is the mini-z 1/27 scale and the mini 96 RCP track (30mm), are they compatible? Do the mini-z's turn sharp enough for this track or is it really for dNano or 1/43 scale cars etc? I ask because I don't have room to set up the larger RCP track (50mm). I wish I could for the time trial HFAY series (not much visible 1/27 activity up here in the Seattle area as far as I've seen). I'm not really interested in driving a significant distance to play with toy cars, for now. Hence the track interest.

I would also like a little feedback on the health of Mini-Z overall. Most posts are very old and a high % is "out of stock"... yet there is something about the MR04 and a new radio? I'm thinking I would like to try the Buggy first (at least bash around the house if nothing else). I have a Losi 1/24 Rally car, but it doesn't really turn very sharp, I have to drift it around to make a turn. Then it is really slow transitioning b/w fwd/rev. Too tough for the kid to have fun at it and really annoys me.

Car variations are pretty easy to research/understand but, radios and compatibility that is a bit tougher to keep straight. Not a big fan of stock transmitters that come with cars (long term), I would like a nice one that "does it all", 1/27 up to 1/10 etc. if I find out I like these things.

2016.03.15, 12:15 AM
welcome to the forums! now to answer your questions...

Is the mini-z 1/27 scale and the mini 96 RCP track (30mm) compatible?
yessir.... the rcp tracks were specifically made for the mini-z... and as you mentioned they come in two sizes 30x30 cm tiles and 50x50cm tiles...

Do the mini-z's turn sharp enough for this track or is it really for dNano or 1/43 scale cars etc?
the turning radius of the mini-z's are quite small... although i really haven't measured it, it will be enough to run on either track 30x30cm or 50x50cm... you will be able to go faster though on a much wider track... there are several youtube videos that show mini-z's on both tracks... dnano works on both tracks as well...

I would also like a little feedback on the health of Mini-Z overall. Most posts are very old and a high % is "out of stock"... yet there is something about the MR04 and a new radio?
generally i would say mini-z is rather well... depending on where you are may be a factor... probably the out of stock stuff depends on what you are looking for... most out of stock stuff are mr01 (first gen miniz stuff) the mr015 and mr02 stuff are getting harder to find (2nd gen miniz stuff)... the latest is the mr03ve chassis which is basically a one chassis fits all bodies have parts that are fairly stocked... the mr03ve uses a 2.4ghz transmitter kt-18 (from 27mhz am)... and uses a brushless motor... a cheaper alternative would be the mr03 which uses a brushed motor... and probably a more reasonable would be the mr03s (sport version) also uses a brushed motor, but comes ready to run using a kt-19 transmitter...

i don't have the mr03s version, but i understand you can't really use the kt-19 on the mr03 or mr03ve... and likewise, you can't use the kt-18 on the mr03s...

there are several options for you to use a transmitter that does it all...
kyosho made a 2.4ghz module exclusive to KO that you can plug into your KO transmitter (helios or erus)... so basically you swap out the modules when you are switching from 1/27 to 1/10 and vice versa...

then there's the KIY which has three components, steering, throttle and master... unfortunately though you will have to buy the master unit for miniz if you run mini-z and another master unit for other cars... this kinda gets expensive in that sense...

i believe that pn offers a esc for the mini-z that will enable you to use frequencies used for 1/10 scales... that way you won't need any modules or swap out that master unit... don't know much about that system since i only do mini-z... i hope the other guys who also do 1/10 can chime in and tell you more about it...

before deciding to buy one... i would highly suggest that you try one out at the hobby shop or near by track (if any) to see which one will fit the bill... as modifying the cars (which translates to spending more on parts and accessories) can get quite out of hand really quick...

hope this helps...

2016.03.15, 01:09 AM
here's a body that your daughter might like...

here's a different version... mr-03sport ready to run...
https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTAcNpd7LW3qleGH1ENq6Ld1c4oENVa8 0pvScZqykK4QpWJmKB0

2016.03.15, 01:26 AM
here's a link to the ex6 transmitter... there's a video on the bottom of the page.. that kinda explains some of the functions (i say "kinda explains" because it is in japanese)... unfortunately though, it is not a "does it all" transmitter...

click me (http://www.kyosho.com/eng/products/rc/detail.html?product_id=110287)

2016.03.15, 12:40 PM
the mini-96 tracks are compatible, stock cars will do fine. as soon as you get going much faster, you'll find a wader track is most helpful. then again, if you can master a 30cm track, a 50cm track will feel that much easier given the key to success is staying of the rails consistently.

the health of mini-z is good. the recession dumping the economy in 2008 really did a number on disposable income hobbies in general, thus the disappearance of most of the mini-z shops, blogs, forums, etc. new products continue to be released, aftermarket support is booming, 3rd party development is exploding faster than manufacturer/aftermarket can even keep up. to put it in perspective, these immigrated to the US in 1999 and still be sold in 2016. i personally think that's an astounding record for an RC line given the enormous changes in technology during this time period. it continues to adapt, change and move with the times, albeit a little slower pace. the high point was probably at the peak of xmods proliferation.

the most common and popular modular transmitter (among mini-z drivers in my area) is the helios/JR model with modules. it might not be as easy to find all the modules needed though.

2016.03.15, 07:28 PM

This guy is near you and looking to find someone to mini-z with....you should start a pm conversation to see if you are compatible to start your own club;)

2016.03.15, 08:54 PM
Arch2b raises some good points... I've been around since kyosho first came out with these cars... And been fortunate to stick around the hobby and see how they are doing in different parts of the world... Probably the most recent development in the hobby are the people who are taking it to the next level by designing optional parts and 3D printing them... Which is pretty cool... There are several chassis designs, rims, rear wings, under chassis diffusers and other stuff out there...

I guess if you can think of a part, it can be designed and made with the help of 3D printing...

Anyway, here's a good read from the official kyosho site on their mr03sport and ma020sport platform (ready to run kits - car and transmitter)...

Click me (http://www.kyosho.com/eng/fun/special/Mini-Z_your_1st_RC/index.html)

2016.03.15, 09:09 PM
Just to chime in on availability.

I have been in contact with Meridith at tinyrc.com quite a bit over the past week. Meridith has been a tremendous help. I highly recommend just contacting Sales at TinyRC.com to see what they can get in stock for you. They have been nothing but pleasant and helpful even though I have been a constant pain with numerous questions.

I'm waiting on a reply about a question on here on the forum before I finalize my order but it will be hard for anyone to get me to go anywhere else after the amazing service I have gotten!

2016.03.16, 12:14 AM
Well, thanks for the replies, great info, and links. Herman, that does look like a great car for my daughter, I will look into it further. I've never bought anything from overseas direct, but I'll see if tinyrc has something first. I'm going to assume the 03VE is probably a bit much unless it can be turned down (end points) from the transmitter?

The transmitters get a bit blurry, the new EX-6 or a KIY/KYI, but it is nice to know there is some higher end stuff out there if we actually like this hobby.. Another question I can think of: The K19/K18's that come with the ready set kits, can one be used with other cars or just the vehicle it was purchased with? Some of this comes from other RC excursions I've ventured into and I get tired of having transmitters all over (clutter). Will they "bind" with other cars. A huge plus is these things look a bit better quality and smaller for a kids hand than what I've dealt with so far. I bought a crawler 1/10 and the 1/24 losi and those transmitters are a bit big for her and the cars too fast.

cowboysir, I saw the other thread and decided I didn't want to climb in there with these more basic questions, and I'll think about your advise.

arch2b, Thanks for the perspective on the health of the mini-z scene.

2016.03.16, 07:49 AM
The KT-19 will bind with other sports series cars. The KT-18 will bind with any of the ASF cars. Once you own one of the radios you can simply purchase chassis sets, and use the radio you already have, rather than ending up with a bunch of unused radios.

I'll also chime in about your interest in the buggy. For an around the house little runner they are great. I've owned mine for several years now, and absolutely love it. It is by far my favorite RC for playing indoors, and I've tried just about everything in the micro category. Nothing compares to the Kyosho's.

shoptinyrc is where I buy almost all of my Mini-Z related stuff, and sometimes other RC related goods. If they have it in stock, I don't even look anywhere else. Their service is outstanding, and they ship very quickly.

2016.03.17, 01:24 AM
to kinda clear things up...
kyosho came out with different chassis
mr015 / mr02 / mr03 / mr03 sport / mr03ve and their latest mr03pro

the kt-18 (2.4ghz asf) will work with the following chassis
mr015 / mr02 / mr03 / mr03ve / mr03pro

the kt-19 (2.4ghz fhs) will only work with the mr03sports

for a upgraded transmitters...

KO KIY (2.4ghz asf) will work with the following chassis
mr015 / mr02 / mr03 / mr03ve / mr03pro

the ex-6 is also 2.4ghz and has two modes (asf & mhs) it will also work with
mr015 (in asf mode) / mr02 (asf mode) / mr03 (asf mode) / mr03ve (asf mode) and with the mr03pro (in mhs mode) - kyosho claims that this mhs mode is 4 times faster / responsive than asf mode.

the kt432pt is an upgraded radio for mr03sport (will not work on any other chassis)... as another option, i have read that several transmitters made by flysky could bind to the mr03sport

then there are older transmitters that utilize 2.4ghz modules (i.e. KO propo / Futaba)
kyosho developed a 2.4ghz module specifically for KO propo - helios / erus, while a third party produced an adaptor for the kyosho module so you can use it in futaba's 3pk / 4pk... this was usually the option if you had other cars in bigger scales...

you can bind several chassis to a single transmitter (so long as they're compatible) as fastmax mentioned.

oh and shoptinyrc is a great place to order stuff...

2016.03.19, 10:05 PM
my 5 years old daughter played it once and never wanna try again, she doesn't know how to handle the throttle. for her it's only full throttle and none.

so after her try out I put a sponge on the throttle trigger, but she wouldn't try at all,

and one day I got a chance to let her try my 1/10 electric car on a school play yard, and she almost hit an old women

so now she's not into anything at all

2016.03.20, 12:24 AM
If ya fall off the horse... Ya get up and get back on... Just sayin. Least that's what this ole yankee has always been told. ;)

2016.03.20, 09:23 AM
thats easy to say, more difficult to impart to children:o especially given thier temperaments vary to much. one of my boys would keep going till the car was destroyed, the other would have moved on to something else. throttle control for kids is THE hardest thing to teach. helps to put a throttle buffer on the TX before or use training mode ;) i used a cut down piece of foam or rubber as a throttle bump stop, then simply programmed out speed instead with the 5-UR. they didn't like the stock transmitters to begin with.

2016.03.20, 06:24 PM
... good to repeat what's been said to adjust or modify the radio for young kids just starting out... Like physically putting a piece of rubber or something that will limit the trigger to go full throttle... Or adjusting and setting the max throttle to a much lower setting. The kt18 as mentioned has a training mode setting that reduces the max throttle output considerably... The other transmitters as well as moderate to high end transmitters will allow throttle end point adjustments to allow the car to run at a slower max speed.