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2016.03.18, 03:43 PM
I posted this under another existing thread but wondering if it gets no visibility..
Or maybe just no one want or can answer :-)

I'm curious to know if anyone has experience with adding a layer of fets or upgrading to more powerful fets on a MR03/MA02 VE brushless board.
I was listening to the YouTube reviews of our Spanish friends from TRP about the PN VE motors and the guy goes on about how these motors really benefit from FET upgrade.
I searched the net and to my surprise I could only find posts and tutorial about 'fetting' brushed boards.
Anyone has done it and found it to work?

2016.03.19, 10:57 AM
Yup it works on ve board. Seems to add more torque

2016.03.19, 12:16 PM
Cool thanks for the message.
Am I right that only the fets on the top side of the board need upgrading?
The ones on the underneath are for reverse.
I'm thinking of adding a layer of stock fets to the top fets. Is this a good option?

2016.03.19, 03:49 PM
I dont believe that they fets are forward/reverse specific so upgrading one side will make a 3x3 layer and therefore an overall improvement to the battery amperage delivery.

Making room for the stack is likely easier on top but be careful to avoid screws going through from the damper area contacting the fets/creating a short