View Full Version : Mini Z Ma-010 has jerky acceleration

2016.03.20, 04:06 AM
I recently replaced the main board in my mini z ma010 as the old board had damage (might repair at a later date). I`m using an "RV Project AM 27MHz Micro Fine-Tun Esc Unit (4WD) +27MHz Crystal" board. The steering works fine and the car is responsive, but both acceleration and reverse are jerky, like the motor has spurts of power. Does anyone have any idea what the issue could be, I`ve tried both the stock and a Futaba transmitter to no avail, the stock board never did this and there are no drive line binds. Thanks for any solutions, Ryan.

2016.03.25, 10:18 PM
Same here using 2wd board, my car jerking if half throttle,when full throttle then will be okay,very hard to control.by the way i am using perfex kt 2 tx.