View Full Version : 12C Body Cracked from Front Bumper

2016.03.24, 03:42 AM

I cracked 12C front body from Bumper all the way till front light.

Club members seems to have the same problem so they installed a carbon plate beneath the front bumper.

Do you guys think there is another way to solve this problem?

Should I thorw out my 12C body?

Club owner landed me his 12C body which is installed a carbon plate on the front already.

I kinda didn't like the extra weight on the front.

Any ideas?

2016.03.24, 06:54 AM
this is a byproduct of kyosho using less material to produce the bodies. while it reduces weight which most like for competitive racing, the flipside is, the structural flaws are magnified making it much more prone to breaking. you take the good with the bad and assume the risk... there are methods employed to mitigate this risk, which include adding a bumper/reinforcement plate to the nose of the body or as some do, load up the front end with a bonding agent like Goop. ask any of the LM drivers, those bodies are all very prone to breaking.

2016.03.24, 08:06 AM
When you state that you did not like the extra weight on the nose what do you actually mean? How did the additional weight affect the overall vehicle performance? Steering sensitivity? Perhaps the single most effective approach to adding overall front down force is the addition of a front under tray(AKA body stiffener). It's addition adds considerable steering feel without the twitchiness of too soft a tire or spring selection. The miniscule weight addition is well worth the effort required for the increased handling it provides.

2016.03.25, 04:11 AM
I felt like there is additional weight on the nose that would make the car not straight, I felt like the front body shaked.

I don't know if that's the reality. But that's my feeling lol

2016.03.25, 08:38 AM
We have found that cutting an old credit card works great to strengthen the front end of the car. I use a plastic glue that hardens with UV light, found at a local hardware store (Canadian tire). The glue is amazing as it won't harden until you use the provided UV light source and is the strongest glue I have found for gluing plastics together. With the credit card in place the front is very strong and doesn't add much weight at all (especially if you don't use a lot of glue). I'll post a pick of it in my car.

2016.03.25, 08:50 AM
Here is the pic

2016.03.25, 09:46 AM
it's interesting pic

not like yours
my club owner glued carbon plate right beneath to the front bumper.