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2016.03.27, 08:15 AM
Ko Propo EX-2 Standard Edition

Ko Propo webpage (http://kopropo.com/america/radios/radio-transmitters/ex-2-standard-edition/)

EX-2 Standard Edition Highlights
Utilizing KO's US Patented K.I.Y. system for modular components.
2.7inch LCD display for easy navigation.
LCD screen can be rotated 90 degrees for personal viewing preference.
Basic Grip Unit without ET4/ET5 buttons.
Dual signal outputs for KO's FHSS system and Kyosho's MHS Mini-Z.
Using the K.I.Y. system allows for upgrades later without purchasing an entirely new system.
EX-1 K.I.Y. optional accessories can be used with the EX-2.

2016.03.27, 08:18 AM
this differs from the Kyosho EX-6 in that;
-ONLY supports MHS system, it does support Ko Propo FHSS however that is not listed as a mini-z system.
-back-lit screen

2016.03.27, 08:28 AM
I believe that both the EX-6 and EX-2 have a back-lit display. I suspect it's the same.

Here's a better page on the EX-2: http://www.kopropo.co.jp/sys_en/radios/transmitters/ex-2/ex-2.html

2016.03.27, 08:36 AM
how do you enable the backlit function?

2016.03.27, 08:46 AM
It's set by default to 5 secs.

Function, System, Display then change it to whatever you want.

I found that the EX-2 manual is much more detailed and explains everything.