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2016.04.10, 09:05 PM
can some body give me a acount to log in to yourmicro.com i have to get some old micro rs4 photograph that i have on there and i do not know my acount....yu can not register there any more for the site key invalid....

2016.04.11, 05:06 AM
Contact me via PM and I will see if I can help.

2016.04.11, 07:14 PM
can not get my old acount for i do not have that email adres....

any one got a acount they want to give up.... pm name and password....

i have to get some atach file from j smith

2016.04.11, 08:14 PM
All we need is your user name on that site and we can reset the email address to whatever you want.

2016.04.12, 05:21 PM
Edit, nevermind, bad link.