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2016.04.18, 08:28 PM
Looking for information on which transmitter can be used for 2.4ASF or maybe even the Sports series but is stick operated instead of wheel and trigger.

Have a "noob" interested in Z's but is severely handicapped. He is a decent flyer but cannot manipulate a wheel transmitter.

Saw at least one racer at the "World's" using one so I know they are out there.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

2016.04.19, 12:02 PM
i believe the EX-1 has a stick module, ASF only.

2016.04.19, 02:17 PM
EX-1UR? If not I am totally unfamiliar with that unit. LInk?

2016.04.19, 02:24 PM
no, EX-1 KIY. not sure it has a stick for both throttle and steering but i know it has an accessory stick steering component.

there is a esprite ASF transmitter that is stick. there are some threads on it on the net. seems to be mostly a European radio though.

2016.04.19, 05:18 PM
Any idea as to the manufacturer?

2016.04.19, 07:11 PM
KO PROPO Esprit III Universe

2016.04.21, 12:41 PM
Saw it on ebay, looks weird though..
KO Propo EX-1 KIY Stick Type Steering Unit (KOP10502)
$80.0 approx.