View Full Version : iLap 2016 1/28th Nationals

2016.04.22, 07:09 PM
Please join us for this years iLap 1/28th Nationals. Once again iLap has stepped up to the plate to be the title sponsor. This year's event will be held at our new location in San Jose, CA. More details to follow. Looking forward to seeing everyone there. This will be a one day event.

Location: Inside Line Racing, San Jose, CA
Date: June 4th, 2016
Classes: Sportsman Stock, Super Stock, Modified GT
Sign-up Link: iLap (https://goo.gl/1WwvqC)

2016.05.06, 03:51 PM
Would love to come but living in pa it would be cost prohibitive. Have fun and post some video!

2016.05.13, 01:43 PM
Sign ups are now available. Please see first post.

2016.06.03, 04:26 PM
Thank you for all the sign ups. Tomorrow is going to be a great day of racing. Doors will open at 10am tomorrow. Good luck everyone.

See you at the track.

2016.06.03, 06:39 PM
Good Luck to all!!!!!!!!!!!

2016.06.03, 08:47 PM
Good luck and enjoy :)

2016.07.18, 06:28 PM
Just wanted to say thank you to Craig at iLap for once again being the title sponsor for this year's 1/28th Nationals. Again this was a successful event with a lot of great racing and fun. Big thanks to our other sponsors, R1, Kyosho, and PN Racing for the terrific raffle prizes. Everyone had a great time. Anyone interested in the videos from the race, they are posted on our social media page.