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2002.08.20, 03:12 PM
Hey it's not fair!! Why is there so much cool stuff available for Mini-Z's in the US and we get Sweet FA over here in UK!! It took my local model shop 2-weeks to get a spare antenna for mine :(

We only have a selection of about 5 bodies, and none of the cool WRC Imprezas or Lancer EvO's of Ferrai 355's or even Knight Rider!!!

Boo Hoo I am going to cry lots now and maybe spend loads in your shop and on ebay :)


2002.08.20, 03:14 PM
Well, actually there's not that much stuff in the US, it just looks that way because we import all of our cool items from Japan and Hong Kong. Most LHSs here don't stock many Mini-Z items, and the ones that they do are way overpriced.

2002.08.21, 03:15 AM
same here in CAnada!! is kinda hard to find some parts for them. i had a chat with some guy @ my LHS, he told me that they are just not popular. people rather spend that extra $$ to buy the hpi mini's or the 1/10th scale RC cars.

how long have the mini-z's been out???

2002.08.21, 09:49 AM
I don't see why people would spend more for a HPI. They don't even sell mini-z's at Dee and Mee Hobbies(the only hobby store withen 100 miles of me.):( That's because the store owner is into 1/10th scale racing. They have T-Maxxs and E-Maxxs there and every thing else that cost over $200. I just don't have the money for cars like that.:(

2002.08.21, 02:15 PM
beeftech (How did you get that Alias?)

Look at my Mini-Z list:


75% of those parts come from here (Mini-ZRacer.com)

There are LHS's that stock parts here in the UK.
Unfortunately, the parts are 30-40% overpriced when compared to the prices here at the Mini-ZRacer.com Shop

My advice is to buy from this site's shop. It's much more economical and the range of parts are superior to the limited choices offered by the UK retailers.

Shipping takes about ten days and is cheaper than UK local post rates.

Here's a prime example: Kyosho Mini-Z F1 ball-diff:
UK RRP: £57.00
Mini-ZRacer.com Shop: US$39.99 (UK£26.15)
UK Mini-Z owners are being ripped off by the distributors!!!

If you compain about not being "able" to get Mini-Z parts in the UK, it's because you don't want to! :)

2002.08.21, 04:56 PM
beeftech=biftec (spanish for steak)

2002.08.21, 05:28 PM
I believe that "bistec" Spanish for steak.

2002.08.21, 05:31 PM
Originally posted by wrcracer
beeftech=biftec (spanish for steak)

... it's french boi... french...

2002.08.22, 05:16 PM
Sorry to disappoint you guys, but I used to have really massive side burns and sombody at work just called them beefy!!

And because I am apparantly the car god at work (You should see the mods i've done to my humble MK2 Golf GTI) the name beeftech came about :)

Sad init?

2002.08.25, 06:46 PM
i use to be into 1/10th scale big time, but why now since the Mini-z, I think back to the AFX and Tyco days when me and my peeps would stay up all night racing....sometimes we would pop the powerpak on the tracks...anyway what I'm saying is you don't have to go to the track to race these babies, but you can if you want to or you can set up a track damm near anywhere. why even bother with 1/10 or 1/12th scale!!!! for 100 bucks you get a complete rc ready to run race car. my first RC cost me damm near 300 bucks by the time I got the damm thing running!!! i out of the box my Mini-z was way better than that damm piece o shiz. Mini-z is in the house!!!!! it might take a while for people to see but once they hit there going to hit hard!!!!