View Full Version : retrofit Coreless servo motor with MA-010

2016.05.11, 12:52 PM
I have been struggling to find solution to fix the centering issue with my MA010 (now converted to MA020 chassis). The centering issue has been present regardless of which chassis. I tried sanding down different parts as suggested by other members, but still no luck.

so, I am wondering if there is a stronger servo motor you guys would suggest I can try? I am thinking of retrofitting the MR03 coreless motor, wonder if that would work....

2016.05.11, 06:27 PM
I've heard that the mr03 servo motor is faster so the gearing is designed to work with a faster spinning motor. If this is true the mr03 servo would really strugge with the gearing of the ma02。
I would do the following
- inspect the gears and look for anything broken or deformed, maybe you have a bad batch and new servo gears would fix the issue.
- clean the potentiometer or buy a new one from Japan where it's like a 10th of the price western companies resell them for (2 dollars).
- as you already mentioned, check nothing is binding, steering rod etc
- on board settings can alter the behaviour of the servo but unless you have the USB cable and made changes, you should not worry, default settings work well.
Also note that the steering parts have a lot of play so when the servo motor centres it might look like thenwheels are not perfectly straight, but that's just down to play. If wheels don't centre while you drive then you do have a problem.
I found that a little toe out in front helps my awd go more straight, torque makes front drive wheels (not on a read wheel drive) toe in so its good I think to compensate with a bit of static toe out.
With a bit of toe out my awd goes straight like on rails without even a gyro

2016.05.11, 08:42 PM
I have 2 MA020 and they don't center correctly. I have to counter steer to get it to go straight after any steering input. There's a lot of play in the steering system and I tried shimming it to tighten it up. It helps but still not as good as the mr03.

2016.05.12, 05:29 PM
Thanks for the idea. New pot is something I haven't tried yet. But I do have a few old pot, let me change them out and see if that makes a difference.
"I found that a little toe out in front helps my awd go more straight, torque makes front drive wheels (not on a read wheel drive) toe in so its good I think to compensate with a bit of static toe out."
So, are you suggesting to have toe and or toe out?

Twz, I have seen your adventure on trying to get your car straight. So, are you saying even with the new ma020 , it is not tracking straight?

2016.05.12, 08:56 PM
yes, none of the MA020 AWD cars I have nor ones I tried will track straight.

I gave up and converted mine to a drift car.

2016.05.13, 08:05 AM
KWZ, sorry to hear that. I am on a mission to get my AWD to track straight. Will dissemble it for the xxth times this weekend to see if I have any luck..

2016.05.13, 01:27 PM
Some things you can try to improve direction/steering:

1. Polish the tie rod to promote smoother travel
2. Thin material off the Servo top cover to help servo arm travel
3. Remove front ball diff and switch to a buggy" hard gear" diff

These three things have fixed my 020-ve to make it track straight. ..now if only I could race it well. :o

2016.05.14, 11:05 AM
Thanks guys! I think I was able to make some progress last night without changing the POT. The steering linkage of the knuckle when using hard spring seems to cause too much drag for the week servo motor to handle.

The atomic servo saver plus the servo gear set also moves smoother than the stock. Once I got to totally fixed , I will also share the steps I took . There is still hope with our AWD to stay competetive with the MR03!