View Full Version : Mini-Z Brushles Motor Idea

2016.05.15, 07:03 PM
Why not make a plug in on the back of each Brushles Motor and use a servo 3 wire with mini plug to snap in the back of the brushles motor....yu can do this also to a 130 and 180 and 300 size motor....

Like a servo wire and conector just a smaler conector....


2016.05.15, 07:28 PM
What would be the reason to or purpose for this modification?

2016.05.15, 07:42 PM
Atomic already uses a similar idea where they use a battery plug. It really is useless though because you are adding another possible point of failure for literally 30 seconds of soldering.

2016.05.17, 01:44 AM
for 1/18 scale the purpose iz like a precut lexan body people forget to what they need and that need iz true to the foam tire to have a servo wire conect to a 180 size brushless motor in the back.... the original brushles wire are large and heavy in 18 scale so it would be pas down from 18 scale to 27....