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2016.05.16, 10:25 AM
I am wondering if anyone has experience with the clone asf board. Saw couple of them being sold in eBay for about $50.

2016.05.16, 08:11 PM
I know there were a couple posts about them but I too am wondering.


2016.05.16, 09:36 PM
So far Al has one and so far its good. (ASF board).

2016.05.17, 10:27 AM
that's good to know there are cheaper option out there in case of our board is blown..

2016.05.17, 11:16 AM
brushed or brushless?

2016.05.17, 11:37 AM
looking at one for brushed/MR03 by DasMikro

2016.05.17, 11:53 AM
Brushed board.

2016.09.09, 11:14 AM
Has anyone else experienced with this board? Any Pros & Cons?

2016.11.02, 07:43 PM
Bought 2 pcs, one for mr03 the other one for awd.
MR03 working fine, can bind with my ex-5ur or kt18 same with AWD board too.
Throttle both board same, can be adjust via ics, only difference with steering response, AWD board i need to adjust the speed to lowest speed since it is hard to control.
By the way, both board I install on MR015 and MR02 body.

2016.11.03, 08:01 AM
Just also just swapped out all the wiring/servo motor from an old Kyosho ASF MR03 board to the Dasmikro clone. Haven't really track tested the car with the cloned board, but at least I felt the steering/throttle response seems similar to the OEM board

2016.11.03, 10:36 AM
Wanted to try it, but it is out of stock in Banggood. Do you know where can I find one? (apart from e-bay or amazn)

2016.11.03, 11:14 AM
We bought it from ebay. It was pricier than in Banggood, but unfortunately they are out of stock..

2017.10.11, 07:57 PM
I'm interested in dropping the dasMikro ASF MR03 clone board into an MR02 chassis. Does anyone know if I can just add the third wire to the pot and use the MR02 steering motor? If I have to use an MR03 servo motor, do I just have to figure out how to secure it in the chassis? Anyone done this before?

2017.10.11, 10:23 PM
adding the wire works fine and the 02 motor just needs to reverse polarity compared to the 03 servo motor.

2017.10.17, 08:04 PM
anyone have a wiring diagram to show where the switch/power wires go? for the servo and pot, is it a direct swap over in same order? FYI, i'm swapping out an MR-03 sport series 1 PCB for the clone ASF.

2017.10.17, 09:22 PM
Here's the diagram I used, and it was accurate:


I was upgrading from a 27AM MR02, so I had to add a third wire to the steering pot, and I read that because the MR02 had one less servo gear I would need to switch the polarity of the steering motor, but that turned out to not be true. No biggie, just reversed it with the controller.

I considered eliminating the power switch, as I assume one could just jump those two pads and remove the switch. I kept the switch in place to not change too many variables at once, but I may take it out.

Going from memory, I think the wires attach to the pot in the same order (white in the middle)

One cool thing is being able to use the ICS port for transponder power instead of tapping battery posts, that way the transponder turns off with the power switch.

2017.10.18, 06:49 AM
FHS board does not have the same color wiring to the pot that the ASF board does.
It looks like the servo power wiring order is reverse from the MR-03 ASF board (http://img72.xooimage.com/files/9/c/5/mr03-30bb548.jpg) meaning i need to go back and move some wires around. i had simply copied wire positions over from one to the next. :rolleyes:

2017.11.04, 08:55 PM
Greetings... any pics of an installed board? Is this still available? Wanting to get one for my completely stock mr03 which all of a sudden died (no power or steering), also for some AM cars I want to convert. Would appreciate any info where to get them.

2017.11.04, 11:03 PM
Greetings... any pics of an installed board? Is this still available? Wanting to get one for my completely stock mr03 which all of a sudden died (no power or steering), also for some AM cars I want to convert. Would appreciate any info where to get them.


I know there are rules about posting links to other stores, but I couldn't find the specific policy, so hopefully this is okay: https://www banggood com/DasMikro-2_4G-KYOSHO-ASF-Compatible-Mainboard-For-Micro-Racing-Cars-p-1162273.html?rmmds=myorder&cur_warehouse=CN shipping was about two weeks.

I installed mine into an MR02 chassis, so I had to do a little cutting on the PCB cover to make room for the ICS port and the gyro port/pairing button. Otherwise, the width is the same as MR02 board, and the pins line up, so it just drops in and fits nicely. Installation was easy, and pairing with an EX-1 UR / 901sm worked the first time.




2017.11.05, 07:50 AM
DasMikro 2.4G KYOSHO ASF Compatible Mainboard For Micro Racing Cars

2017.11.07, 05:23 AM
Many thanks for the pics and the link. Very much appreciated. Was it easy to solder the wires on? Did you encounter any problems?

For the mr02, servo motor is connected as indicated in the above diagram, and we are to add an additional wire for the pot?

How does it run compared to the original mr03 board?

Thanks again.