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2016.05.18, 09:11 AM
Hi guys

I am starting this thread to have an exchange platform for this motor. It is available for some time now (although sold-out in most places) and ideally first test and runs have been performed by all of you.

For my part, I drove it quite some time now and can say, that acceleration and response of this motor are really good and it is fine to drive. Also most of these motors are same speed, so no more big differences when having hand-out motors.

Unfortunately one issue is arising with this motor is the top speed. As it is 3.500 kv it delivers only 17.500 rpm @ 5V. This is significantly slower, than the 70T brushed motor and it shows on our home track. On the straight the 70T easily pulls away. Especially with the fixed gear ratio in PNWC rules, this is a big disadvantage for all those, who want to drive brushless. We played a little bit with gearing and at 14/53 the 3.500 is nearly the same speed as a 70T with 11/53. So potential solution to this might be different ratios for brushless and brushed.

Please also share your experience.



2016.05.18, 01:27 PM
our club is very eager to find a motor that is comparable with the standard kyosho stock motor and hoping that this, with a fixed gear ratio may be the answer. for our use, all gearing is via kyosho stock diff and pinions.

2016.05.18, 02:46 PM
The 17,500RPM stated is more in line with a PN 80T motor. Have any comparisons been made with the standard "box stock" Kyosho motor?