View Full Version : MR-03 Sports Range Issue

2016.06.08, 02:27 PM
We have some new guys racing with us, One of the boards in a car only has a range of about 5 feet.

Anyone else have issues like this?

any info would be greatly appreciated.

2016.06.08, 03:32 PM
It is in fact a board concern. Why? Nobody seems to know. It can be verified by binding the chassis to another radio and see if the issue persists. With the chassis in front of you just apply full throttle and place the radio behind your back with the car running. If it stops, bad board. if it continues to run then bind the original radio to another chassis and repeat. I have yet to see a problem with the radio. kyosho has warrantied several for our shop if the cars were purchased from a retailer in the US.

2016.06.08, 10:17 PM
Thanks mike. I'll look into it.

2016.06.09, 06:14 AM
One of our members has a range issue as well. I'll recommend they contact Kyosho.