View Full Version : Mini-z Race June 25th 2016 in Holly Springs, NC

2016.06.09, 09:16 AM
Hey all, if anyones interested I'm hosting a mini-z race at my place June 25th 2016 @ 1 PM in Holly Springs, NC (south of Raleigh).

This is the first of hopefully more to come, so we may only have a few show up or maybe enough to actually run organized race classes....either way i'll have the RCP track setup. I've got two mini-96 tracks with an expansion pack, so if weather holds out we'll run it out the garage and have about a 26ft x 9 ft track with kyosho IC Tag timing system.

NO FEES! Just running for fun to try and get interest going more in the community around the Triangle area.

Anyone interested PM me and we'll connect on the Face social media network so I can send you an invite.

There's also a hobby shop in Wake Forest that's going mobile and hopefully sometime soon can host Mini-z races at various locations around the Triangle area, so watch for Hi Tech Hobbies and if interest gets big enough they'll start stocking more parts/cars. They have two mini-96 tracks and expansion back and kyosho IC tag system as well.

Thanks everyone!

2016.06.11, 07:14 PM
Attached should be the final track layout. It's approximately 27 x 15 in size.

2016.06.12, 10:07 AM
looks like a fun layout! we are used to uneven floor at our club so this would be right at home for us with the slight dip. always wanted to do a passover....

will be fun experience if the track is partially shaded as well ;)

2016.06.14, 09:57 PM
when testing it you can definitely feel the difference between shaded and sun....well see how it does! the elevation changes definitely make it more interesring.