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2016.06.10, 02:32 AM
Just had a few questions on the I lap system:

How do you mount the transponders on an f1 chassis? Can you put them under the shell or do they have to be totally exposed? I'm only accustomed to the ic tags with the kyosho system.

I'm actually looking for a system for our f1 racing besides the kyosho ic system. Would like it to be comparable with flipside if poss

2016.06.10, 02:54 AM
Answered a few of my own questions already- I saw that it works with flipside - I'm getting the I lap system but how do you mount the bridge sensors? Anyone have a pic of their I lap setup they could share?

Also, I'm going to get the mini z transponders - they just plug into the it's port? And I can fit these right on top of the exposed board on the f1 chassis with clearance/room when I put the shell back on ?

Thanks again guys

2016.06.10, 07:20 AM
the quick and cheap bridge is 1/2" pvc pipe with 'T' leg on either side. you simply Velcro the bridge sensor to the bottom of the pipe and zip tie the cabling to the pipe. you can get more creative and use a channel shape to make a bridge in which all this is concealed. an example of the one i made for our club:
example with giro-z sensor but it's the same for i-lap

2016.06.13, 04:04 PM
Thanks Great info there Arch!