View Full Version : Can't Scan anID for IC Tag with Flipside?

2016.06.13, 04:16 PM
Hey guys ---- I have the Kyosho IC Tag system and works great for everything BUT Dnano ----- anyway, I have attached a Texas Instruments RFID Tag-it series transponder on the bottom of my F1 Shapeways bumper...... Im getting a clean green signal on the strip and when I go to register the tag /car with Flipside, all I get is" 000000000000" when I scan?

I tried it with another tag and got the same result ---- Im cutting them to that size btw and using PN wide tire tape to affix ---- holds great and has great suspension clearance but WONT REGISTER --- driving me nuts

Maybe I-Lap :) -- -- thoughts from the experts? Thanks guys