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2016.06.13, 04:30 PM
Hi all. I'm just wondering what the best motor upgrade is for the mr03s. Generally for better than stock speed but not silly fast like the brushless. Also as far as upgrades go which are the best in terms of handling and or speed increase?


2016.06.13, 04:40 PM
A t-plate, ball bearings, tires suited to the track and a good driver are all you really need to turn quick laps with a Mini-Z. Of course it will not be competitive in most racing situations but it will be all the car you need at first.

Unless you are bringing skills from pan cars or 10th scale and want something faster. If thats the case I do suggest selling the MR03 sports and getting a brushed chassis with the KO propo electronics (if you find the brushless power too extreme... but have you tried the Kyosho blue brushless motor?)

I prefer Kyosho hop ups exclusively so keep on mind you are going to get widely differing opinions on set up. All are equally valid and suit the driver/track conditions :)

My Basic MR03 set-up (all parts are Kyosho):

98MM mid motor configuration
Wide front end
Ball bearings
Carbon damper plate (MM)
Oil shock
Carbon T plate (MM)
Ball diff
X speed motor
Stainless steel kingpins
Short soft spring set
20 degree wide rear tires
30 degree narrow front tires

2016.06.17, 10:55 AM
Thanks! Me and a few friends have all got mr03s. So not looking for something for proper racing, just fun races 2ith friends. But I'm interested in upgrading parts. I have a ball bearing set now. Is the x speed motor worth it? As in does it make it much faster? Also I have the ae86 trueno motor is right at the back and it has slimmer wheels than both my friends setups, does that mean I should buy the 'slim' tyres? There's so many options I get confused lol. Thinking about buying wider wheels anyway
Whereabouts do you get all your parts? I'm from UK seems hard to get them.

2016.06.17, 10:56 AM
Just to add, we race on hard flooring or hard carpet.

2016.06.20, 01:31 AM
Welcome to the forums!

If you're not to serious in racing, and just bashing around the house with a couple of friends, the mr03s is ok...

For me first priority would be the tires... Get softer compound tires... Generally the lower the number, the softer they are (this translates to more grip, and faster wear)... Consequently, the higher the number the harder the tire (this translates to lesser grip, and longer wear)....

If you run on hardwood floors, make sure that they are clean and dust/dirt free... Once the dust and dirt stick to the tire, you will loose traction and spin out quite often... A low pile carpet would be a better option...

Bearings, next...

And that would be it... Good to go...
Probably an extra carbon t plate if and when the stock plastic one breaks...

Changing the motor will definitely make your z go faster... So will changing the pinion to a 9T... If you can get a hold of an X speed motor, try it out first before you buy....

The tires come in N (narrow) and W (wide) and are body specific... Rims also have different types of offsets which means that there are specific types of rims that will only fit on your body... However there are some rims that have similar offsets...

Hope this helps...

Which ae86 do you have? The old one or the new one?

2016.06.21, 04:18 PM
Thanks! I have this one http://www modelsport co uk/kyosho-mini-z-mr-03s-toyota-trueno-ae86/rc-car-products/380551

In the picture it has the motor in the middle. But the one I have the motor is behind the rear wheels.

So with this chassis, what kind of bodies could I get? I love how detailed they are and would like to get at least another one for now. On the box it says it is compatible with all bodies in the mini z range. But looking at my friends Aston Martin dbr9 one it looks way too long? Or do the white adaptor bits at the front adjust all of that?


2016.06.21, 04:25 PM
There seems to be so much stuff it's confusing 😂. Could I not get wider wheels? Or would they not fit? What tyres would I need are they only wide or narrow? If so I think I'd need narrow.

2016.06.21, 05:53 PM
There are a couple of fairly comprehensive body charts floating around the forum that list the different bodies, the wheelbase and both the wheel width and offset for those particular bodies. As far as tires that is almost solely driven by the surface you are running on. If it is a commercial grade( very low pile) carpet then there are silicone based tires as well as a myriad of different foam tires that are effective for the surface. If you are on RCP then there are tires available from various manufacturer's that work by varying degrees dependent on your driving technique or style as well as the bling that you purchase to personalize your chassis and empty your Paypal account. The majority of the kibble and bits that you add is essentially worthless in making the car better. You will gain more with a quality radio and the instruction manual that will tell you how to use it. Until you can consistently wring every last bit of performance out of the car right out of the box it doesn't make sense to even install a 7T pinion instead of the 6T that is mounted when new.

Remember. If there is no or very little traction you will want the suspension to be soft and compliant while using tires that tend to be more hard than soft. Also learn to make small gentle in put's to the steering and throttle. If traction is high then the reverse becomes the norm and you can better adapt to the grip it and rip it philosophy. In the beginning you will find that speed is not your friend and tends to lead you directly to the internet in search of the stronger part to save you from yourself.

You ask "what should I buy". You should just drive it. If something fails then replace it with a stronger bit from the source that best fits your need for quality, availability and price as well as customer service and ease of obtaining them. We are all here for you and have been in your shoes but the best thing you can do is enjoy it and grow with it. You will be surprised to find that as you gain confidence with it your "what do I need" will come from within.

2016.06.22, 03:19 AM
Thanks for the response. I see exactly what you mean by driving and finding out what I need. For appearance I'd like wider wheels, are there loads of different kinds or will most wheels fit my chassis?

2016.06.22, 04:59 AM
It is the choice of body that dictates which wheels can be used. Even a miniscule amount of protrusion of the tire and wheels outside the body line will give you grief. You get interference between the body and tires which causes all sorts of drama plus the real risk of chassis damage if you snag a wall or another vehicle. For a beginner the best body available(in my opinion) is the Mosler at 98mm and mid motor. it comes with the correct wheels and is very forgiving of rail rub because of it's overall shape.

2016.06.22, 06:47 AM
Kyosho has multi offset wheel sets so you can pick what fits best but your limited by the style. Otherwise you have to do a bunch of reading to find a compatible style, size and offset.
I understand why the Mosler is a good body for beginners, I just can't get past the drab style of the car and it's a heavy body at that. For me, body choice is 70% based on style.:o. I go so far as to make a point driving some less performance based 90mm bodies:p. It's different for everyone. The scale beauty of the autoscales is what brought me to mini-z to begin with. Have fun with it!

2016.06.22, 11:49 AM
been looking at the body chart, from what i can see i have a 90mm chassis and its rear mounted. What do the bits that say 0N/0N and things mean?

2016.06.22, 12:04 PM
0=mm of offset
n=narrow 8.5mm wheel/tire