View Full Version : Steering not returning to neutral?

2016.06.16, 06:01 PM
In just testing a new VE chassis I noticed that it will "pull", a bit in the same direction you turn which leads me to believe its either:

- Loose bushings in the PN low down knuckles (don't seem overly loose though)
- ICS settings messed up from the factory?
- defective servo that won't center?

I'm using 1 degree PN top arms and +3 offset in front and +1 in rear

Any ideas?

2016.06.17, 07:35 PM
See if any part of your steering is binding. Move the wheels back and forth, is it hard to move?

2016.06.17, 08:10 PM
See if any part of your steering is binding. Move the wheels back and forth, is it hard to move?

Thanks for reply - nothing binding - it feels similar to all my others:confused:

Mike Keely
2016.06.17, 09:26 PM
Check to make sure the foam on the steering wheel is not touching the base of the transmitter. If the foam is loose on the steering wheel most people will slowly push it into the transmitter body.

2016.06.18, 01:41 AM
That would be great if that's what it was - ill check

Does that occur with the ex-1?

I do remember having to set the subtrim L quite a bit

Mike Keely
2016.06.18, 09:17 AM
It will happen on any radio that the foam is not glued to the steering wheel. I see it a lot when people get new radios.

2016.06.18, 11:25 AM
Well that's not it unfortunately - I just ran the same exact car in brushed - lm, all pn mods and only diff is the brushed has 2 degree upper arms where the VE had the 1 degree arms.

The brushed comes back and the VE still has the steering "memory" issue - could it be the diff ? I think the bearing is shot as per one of the forum members on another post of mine.

2016.06.18, 05:27 PM
a couple stupid questions for you (which im good at apparently):

1. Have you bench tested your steering issue to see if theres a visual clue to this problem?
2. Have you checked if you have one wheel nut tighter than the other? (stupid question i know but its happened to me and driven me crazy)
3. assuming this steering problem is noticable on throttle are you sure it isn't some sort of tweak in the T-plate/rear end?
4. in a rare occasion i have also had a knuckle that had a bit more friction than the other and caused a type of "pull" on corner exit....maybe you could check for that as well?

2016.06.19, 05:49 AM

Thanks for your ideas and actually you can see it sticking a tad to the right - returns fine on left turn

It must be something mechanical - guessing I need to open the servo up? There is a tiny bit of vagueness when you manually move the steering to right. Maybe a broken tooth ?

2016.06.19, 04:07 PM
Loosen the bottom plate a little bit. about a 1/4 to a 1/2 turn for each of the 4 screws. see if that helps.

2016.06.20, 07:31 AM
I tried loosening the screws ---- same thing.

I ended up opening the top and bottom (PITA) just to see what was going on and discovered the PN tie rod was rough/binding a bit! Can barely see it on the bench.

Had a x power W0 laying around, threw it in and back to neutral.

Thanks for all the input - this board is awesome as an instant sounding board --- love it