View Full Version : Where do you get your hop ups?

2016.06.17, 10:48 AM
I'm new to mini z. Really want to pick up some upgrades but it seems hard to find them in the uk? What are the best places to buy upgrades?

2016.06.17, 06:26 PM
online is your best bet if your local hobby shop isn't mii-z friendly...

this forum is affiliated with tinyrc.com for a lot of mini-z hopups.

Kenon Hobby sells a lot of PN mini-z stuff.

I shop on e bay with a seller named hobby japan for Kyosho specific parts and hopups.

all of these are good starting points....youll probably get killed on duty and shipping but its "pay to play" type of hobby

2016.06.18, 04:46 PM
From uk your only realistic options are with online shops.
I personally recommend European shops (no tax, speedy delivery and decent prices):
srcc-devils.de (German)
Technicalrp.com (Spain)
Minizracing.it (Italy)
And the fascinating minizlove.com (Sweden. Has some extravagant custom designed 3D printed stuff that I have not tried but looks awesome)
All these 4 I have used and always had a great service.

From Japan prices can be much lower. Especially if you select slow post often I didn't even get to pay import duties (with international couriers like parcel force instead I always get to pay the import tax and often extra rip-off additional costs).
RCmini-z.com and banzaihobby.com

Buying from the states seem like the most expensive options because prices are high and import duties guaranteed.
Kenonhobby is great and has all the PN gear but so do the European shops.. But they offer a great service, I tried them too.

xpower from HK is expensive but for xpower gear is the best place.

Have a look on eBay too, the already mentioned Japanese seller is very good and there's also one from Australia (forgot name) which I used as they had some really good prices.

2016.06.18, 07:24 PM
Having a hard time dealing with Tiny RC. Received defective item and was instructed to send to Kyosho directly. Now I'm getting zero response from their rep. Sorry but I get much more customer service from other shopping sites.

2016.06.19, 12:17 AM
Hi byteme909 - the defective item policy is Kyosho's - they require that items are returned to and replaced by them; RE "getting zero response from their rep" - is that Tiny RC or Kyosho? When was your last correspondence, and of what form? Thanks! :)

2016.06.19, 09:15 PM
Actually both entities. I've asked for update about a week ago from Meredith @ Tiny RC and I know the package has reached Kyosho around week and a half to two weeks ago now. If that's the policy then why do I need to go through a dealer? Customer support should come from store/dealer and only from manufacturer end if escalation is needed.

If there is no resolution or response by tomorrow I'm forced to initiate a case through PayPal. I already indicated as such on the support ticket through Tiny RC as well.

Thank you for the response. Been trying to hastily gather parts to build two cars. Was originally going to order more from Tiny but now I'm probably going to source my parts elsewhere.

2016.06.20, 07:41 PM
Kyosho normally won't contact you when you send an item in for repair. They will just repair and ship it back to you. If you want a status, you will have to call Kyosho.