View Full Version : FS Mini-Z Lot with 2x F1, 1x MR01, 1x MR02 with upgrades

2016.06.21, 05:36 PM
Name: David
Location: Goshen, Indiana
Contact through PM or Profile Email Please

I have some fairly used Mini-z's for sale. As kids my brother, dad and I had the 2 F1 cars and the Dodge Viper MR01. There is an issue with the Dodge Viper from what I can remember that the motor wasn't responding correctly when run. It might have been wired up backwards or something weird. I haven't messed with it since I never used it. The MR02 is one I got about 3-4 years ago while helping out with a local club. I upgraded the rear axle and it has a faster motor from what I remember. I think I even bought it on here. It has been run probably about a dozen times and is in good shape. I lost the spring from the one tire so it has been removed to show that. There are other types of springs for the front wheel included in the parts organizers. I'm not really sure what is a fair price so I'm going to say $200 OBO and if you are interested we can then negotiate on the shipping. Let me know if you have any other questions! Wanted to give you guys a shot at this before I posted it up on the ebay.

Thanks again!!

2016.06.21, 05:37 PM
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