View Full Version : Iwaver 04 (miniz monster clone) Servo pinion

2016.06.24, 05:40 PM
Hello, new guy here though i've been on the site before lurking about as guest checking through threads heh.

Got a iwaver 04 here almost completely built together from my childhood (missing the crazy fast i plus motor though to be completely as it was heh but got a motor i cobbled together for it that is about stock speed as far as i've tested in my mr01.

Though im missing servo motor pinion (Original was plastic i belive & i dont seem to be able to fit a mini-z mr01 on it so it properly steers.
Really rough steering & it broke my spare iwaver 01 servo motor pinion turning it on to check steering function after centering it ? as i tested it i didnt close it with the top front gearbox half or whatever you can call it heh.