View Full Version : New and seeing if there are any local racers

Josh SC
2016.07.08, 08:40 PM
Hi all,

I am new to these forums and completely new to mini-z or any rc racing for that matter. My plan is to purchase Mini-96 track for my home, but I'm not really interested if there isn't anyone to race with. I am located in the Greenville , SC area. Is there anyone within reasonable distance? Thanks!


2016.07.09, 06:16 AM
Welcome to the forums Josh. it is good to have you here.

You are fortunate in that there is a new group of racers that has just put together a site near Greenville SC. They have a "social media" page that I believe is listed as Doppler racing. They race once a month at a facility just off exit 32 on I-85. If you are heading west, cross back over the Interstate after exiting. As soon as you cross over you will see a large red barn like building on your right with a smaller metal building next to it. That is where the group races. if you pass the "truck stop"(also on the right) you have gone too far. They also gather occasionally at one of the members homes at other times during the month at a location just off exit 35.

The group races next on Saturday, July 30th. There will be racers there from along the I-85 corridor. They usually start around Eleven in the morning and race until everybody gets to tired to continue. See you there.

If you will contact me via PM through the forum I can give you more information as well as contact numbers including my own.

Once again, welcome.