View Full Version : 1/28 world series July layout setup and run

2016.07.22, 09:49 PM
We decided to setup the July layout of the 1/28 World Series. We always thought we were good as a club and our fastest racer, Kevin (who helps develop our line of MC3 parts) posted the fastest lap time as of now for us and almost matched the fastest lap in world at the moment. He set a 5.157 lap. The fastest lap time so far was 5.141

This clearly shows our clubs and parts pace.

Stay tuned for more updates.

The world series layout is actually half the size of track we normally run. So, I've added a bottom section for fun. The top half is the world layout for July.

Here is the link to the series:


2016.07.30, 06:05 PM
Kevin posted a 5.079 and the fasted so far on the site is 5.127...