View Full Version : MA-010 ASF with 5v BEC.

2016.07.26, 02:54 PM

I installed a 5v/5A BEC to my Mini-Z MA-010 to use a LiPo battery. The motor can't start to spin. If directly connect the BEC to the motor, it spins. The Mini-Z works fine if I plug the 4x AAA batteries again.

The BEC output is 5.39v and the motor draws 0.9A when I plug the BEC directly to it without any load (out of the car).

As I recall from seeing long time ago, the Mini-Z ASF electronics should work even with 6.6v (more voltage yet when they are fully charged) from the LiFe batteries Kyosho Route offers.

Is there any issue with this setup or it's that the BEC can't supply enough current for the motor once plugged to the electronic board? I though using a LiPo would be as simple as to get the voltage down to 5-6v and plug it...

Thanks for any answer.