View Full Version : HFAY Season 22 Races 1 & 2

2016.08.04, 10:33 AM
Sorry for the late post, it's time to get you times turned in for races 1 and 2.

I have time for the following clubs, anyone else have times?

Washington DC GTG
PDX Mini-Z
Salt Lake Mini-Z
Murph's IRCR

2016.08.08, 09:30 AM
that would be us.. i really need to retire the laptop we use for timing.. I just said to my wife that her old laptop was still being used.. if it has a PCMCIA slot and no builtin wifi it must be over 10yrs old! haha

btw.. our times have been uploaded :)

2016.08.09, 01:43 PM
times have been process and are available on the HFAY site. thanks everyone.

2016.08.12, 07:25 AM
I updated a time that was brought to my attention that was submitted wrong on the site. Great Run Bill!!

2016.08.12, 08:34 AM
Thanks Brian. I'm sure you'll pass me by in the next one.

Mike Keely
2016.08.12, 04:04 PM
Way to go Bill. Looks like we will have our hands full this season!