View Full Version : incorrect time feedback + raspberry instead of relay module

2016.08.17, 06:50 AM

first of all a huge compliment for FlipSide: i testet the programm on WIN XP (Mainboad with onboard COM-Port) and it works perfectly and has a lot of great features.

1. I installed it on a WIN 7 64bit OS. Here i have a problem with the lap times: the lap time should be around 10s but the programm shows times arround hours (I could not really figure out a systematic error like minutes=hours or thinks like that).
Is it a known problem???

I use following hardware/software:
WIN 7 64bit
FlipSideRacing 12.12
USB-COM adapter (Logilink)
Robitronic Labcounter (UIDs of cars are recognized)

2. I would like to controll the Traffic lights (and a fiew other thinks at startup) by a raspberry pi: is it possibile to communicate with the raspberry instead of the relay board? Is there any Documentation about how to build up a communication by RS-232 connection (I'm not a an ultra expert user but I'm ready to lern it ;-) )

So thanks for an eventual answer!!

Of course there will be a financial support for FlipSide if the problems can be solved, because it is defintely worth it.