View Full Version : Rolex Monterey Motorsport Reunion

2016.08.21, 12:11 PM
Anyone else catch this series? Love watching the historic racers running races again.

2016.08.21, 12:51 PM
It is truly a fantastic thing to watch if for nothing more than to study the progression of "aero" over the decades.

For anyone in the San Jose California area you need to take the opportunity to stop by Bruce Canepa's museum and restoration facility and see a lot of these cars up close and personal.

2016.08.21, 01:08 PM
finished watching the entire replay, trans am class race was really cool as well.

amazing there are guys putting multi-million dollar ferrari 250's back out on the race track.

i am not old enough to have seen can-am cars but fun to watch them now.

60's had some beautiful machines.

2016.08.21, 03:35 PM
The Can/Am cars were truly something to behold. The noise was unimaginable. All aluminum block 427 fuel injected Chevrolet's in 1200lb cars with huge brakes and no suspension that worked. They would accelerate like a "sidewinder missile" and stop like, well slow down like a poorly hit badminton birdie. They would nearly idle around the corners then launch all over again to the next. Pure backyard engineering until Porsche got involved. 0-100 MPH in 1.6 sec. Four years later it was over.

2016.08.21, 06:15 PM
Lots of commentary on the can-am race about the sound and rumble :)

2016.08.22, 01:29 PM
maybe I can find replay to DVR? I'm a huge road racing fan and watching F1, DTM, Blancpain etc. is what gets me wanting to drive my 1/43, 1/27, 1/10 & 1/1 cars :)

2016.08.22, 02:26 PM
the entire replay is up on youtube.