View Full Version : Max rpm for blue eco tuned brushless?

2016.09.12, 03:24 PM
Hi, I have ruined my blue eco tuned motor by attempting to drill holes in it for my reflex mount. I ended up replacing it for the PN 5500kv v2 thinking it would be a direct replacement. The v2 is rated at 30000-33000 rpm, but it doesn't actually feel that much faster than my blue motor and feels on par with my pn70t motor. I want to know how kyosho actually classes the blue motor.

So if I wanted to race it, what class would the blue eco tuned motor have been? It is rated at 5500kv but feels slower than pn70t? I know the v2 5500kv would be considered pro stock but I would get destroyed in a faster class. Should I just buy a pn3500kv motor to be in stock class instead?

Thanks guys.