View Full Version : Has anybody fit the Li-Fe batteries in the buggy chassis?

2016.09.18, 03:05 PM
Curious if anybody has fit either the ProTek or R246 2x 3.3 Li-Fe batteries in the buggy chassis. What type of chassis modification is going to be required? If anybody has any info or pics to share - please do! Thanks!

2018.04.19, 09:33 PM
I JUST asked the same question in the battery section and I was hoping to find an answer here... but alas, it doesn't seem to be the case

2018.04.20, 07:00 PM
Hey akura2! It has been a long time! I actually had the little Optima buggy , never ran it - sold it as a chassis only (kept the body/wheels/tires) and then bought the brushless version that came without the body/wheels/tires. I also bought ALL of the Kyosho hop-ups in red - even the newer big bore shocks/springs, but have not gotten any of it out to mess with it! I have so much crap and not enough time to play with any of it - I buy it - I've got it, and then I move onto something else without ever playing with any of it - I know - I have a disease!!! Just ask my wife!!!

Anyways I also purchased the ProTek batteries from A Main, but have never messed with them. I does seem like I remember that I did find a couple pics of somebody that had used them and I do think that there was some cutting/trimming of the chassis required to fit them. I think maybe if you google the part number for the Kyosho Route 246 batteries there may be an insert or instruction sheet of some sort that shows exactly what needs to be trimmed.

Hope this helps!

On a side note - I am so mad that all of our old HPI Micro pics are GONE thanks to PHOTOBUCKET...ARRRGGHHHH!!!!

2018.04.21, 03:48 PM

2018.04.21, 03:50 PM