View Full Version : Brushless ESC for Miniz project

2016.09.25, 04:08 PM
Hi all.
I would like to mess around with one of my Miniz chassis.
I need to source an external ESC.
Requirements for the ESC would be:
- brushless
- will be connected to standard Miniz servo (via old servo donor board).
- needs to be at least as good as a standard Miniz ESC when powered with usual batteries configuration, if compatible with lipo is a plus but should run very well with standard batteries.
-needs to connect to a receiver. So no receiver+ESC combo in one piece (if they even exist).

any suggestion?? the only ESCs I found are mostly recommended for lipo.

2016.09.25, 06:00 PM
Check out the go go lap stuff, asf compatible. I assume you can wire like PN recommends for their lipo? Aaa cells.

2016.09.25, 07:03 PM
I used a castle creations Mamba 25 in an MRCG 1.1 and ran it on 4 AAA's. I mainly used it with a brushed motor though as the VE wasn't out yet at the time. You should be able to get an original heat shrink covered one for pretty cheap used.

2016.09.25, 08:13 PM
Steve, the Castle ESC is what I was indeed looking at, the sidewinder micro, which is brushless. I was worried about it being really weak with only 4 batteries. Regarding the Gogo lap, I always knew they make asf compatible receivers, I didn't know they made ESC too so I will have a look many thanks Arch!

2016.09.27, 12:46 PM
The Sidewinder Micro is the same ESC I used, before the Sidewinder Micro series existing the same ESC was sold as a Mamba 25 with heatshrink on it. I would bypass the BEC for the steering servo and receiver. You should also get the PC interface as you'll probably need to experiment with the start power and throttle curves. In brushed mode it worked fine, hopefully in brushless you don't have a cogging problem with motor starts.

2016.09.27, 02:06 PM
Great, thanks.
The micro looks like a nice (not cheap) option that is also useful in case I wanted to add batteries or change type of battery.
Another option I was wondering about would be one half of the brushless buggy board. I imagine one half is the receiver and the other the ESC but I don't have one to experiment with, and I don't know if I can source the ESC half anyway.