View Full Version : GLA GL Racing

2016.09.28, 09:34 AM
We recently got a GLA by GL racing as a gift. Just wonder if anyone knows anything about it?

2016.09.28, 09:45 AM
I believe they have shown up as the car of the week at Maj's in New Jersey.

2016.09.28, 10:18 AM
Nice. That sounded very promising! Wonder how are they stacking against the amz or xpower cars

2016.10.21, 01:02 PM
My understanding is that GL Racing is a new company started by one of the top Atomic designers after he departed from Atomic. Looking at some pictures of the GLA, it looks to resemble the AMZ in many ways, but looks a little more refined.

Hopefully it will come fully outfitted as a team car, unlike Atomics motto where you have to buy the car, and then all of the hop ups to make it work properly.

What interests me, is the electronics and servo steering speed. I had issues with servo recentering on my AMZ, which essentially turned it into a paperweight. I didnt have time to spend on developing the car and dumping money trying different servos and electronics.

If you have tried the car, how are the electronics? This would definitely make or break the car. The AMZ looks like a good base chassis, however, it needed to be completely rebuilt, and the electronics were a joke as was the transmitter.