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2016.09.29, 11:36 AM
any try it?

2016.09.29, 12:39 PM
I've done a little write up on the MM2 pod here:


2016.12.27, 10:08 PM
does anyone have a manual for assembly of this kit? i pieced it together based on photos but there is way to much pressure with the pinion gear currently. i used the middle axle height inserts, 9 tooth pinion and C1+2 spacers. do i need to use the lower axle inserts for 9t pinion?

I had to reconfigure the motor caps and wires to fit within the cover as well. nothing too difficult but it does require some modification to get the standard brushed motor to work as they all typically are constructed the same way.

2016.12.28, 12:03 PM
Are you using a brushed motor? Since you mentioned motor caps, it sounds like you are. Kyosho states that the MM2 pod is for brushless motors only but brushed motors can be made to fit, though you need to remove a fair amount of material from the pod to get it in.

2016.12.28, 12:20 PM
yes, i'm running a brushed motor. can you share what was done to yours to accommodate a brushed motor?

2016.12.28, 02:07 PM
Sure, when I've got a chance I'll get some detail shots of my mods and post them here :)

2016.12.29, 08:24 PM
arch2b I removed the caps on mine and had to get the motor wires ran differently so they wouldn't hit the axle. I ended up running a 7t pinion and the low/high bearing cup.

Runs well on the home track. Very much like a mm car.

2016.12.29, 08:41 PM
i rewird the motor//caps so no interference there. the mesh is just way to tight with the C spacers and 9t pinion. i tried 8t with the C spacers and the mesh is far to loose.
brushed/brushless shouldn't really matter given kyosho sleeves the brushless with a ferring that matches the brushed can provided you move the wires and caps. spacers are based on same alignment of shaft with regard to the overall motor shape, which the ferring replicates. not sure why the pairing of spacers and pinion aren't matching up with a brushed motor.

2017.03.03, 07:35 AM
I worked on mine this morning and got the stock brushed motor to fit pretty well. Had to do surgery in two places. First, I shaved half the lip on the inside of the top cover that holds down the motor because it interferes with the endbell.





Also had to notch where the negative wire comes through so that the top cover doesn't bend the brush tab back when snapping it on.


As mentioned previously, all caps and leftover solder had to be removed. No room!

Can't wait to get this car on the track!

2017.03.03, 08:01 AM
does anyone have a manual for assembly of this kit?

For anyone else that may need this, see pages 30-31, 42-43 and 52 from 32782 MR03VE Pro MM2 Manual HERE (http://www.kyosho.com/jpn/support/instructionmanual/mini-z/pdf/32782_MR03VE_PRO_MM2_IM.pdf)