View Full Version : i made a 1:18 scale MA-010

2016.10.06, 01:04 AM
i do not have it real nor do i have it draw up in photoshop

but it iz realy e z to explain

what it haz az option


ride height
spring rate
damper rate
no stabalizer
spur gear
pinion gear
lock diferential
gear diferenial

it just some platez of carbon fiber on the out side yu snip the endz and make air plane aluminum partz that are double screw top and or botom miror the same left to right with a hole in aloy for the knuckle and that part iz diferent height on the cylinder that mount the knuckle to alow ride height change with more versionz just like that done even if yu want width change with the same one peice whael az long az yu extend the drive cupz out ward

the spring rate iz cut top and or cut botom spring

the damper rate iz a same spring but weld top and or weld botom

both fuze with a plastic fuze ring that snap in to the damper permament and sit some what tight with the spring above that damper

so if yu have a soft damper stif spring stif stabalizer the car wil bounce quick in a smal road bump

convert this spring system over to the scale


stabalizer se this photograph


it just two bar that lock in to a ring with a hole that damper sit above it

with out it iz a plastic and or aloy ring that sit below the damper spring to kaep height corect


al the other stuf iz e z to know

the caster stear iz a slide stear bar with the end to each side snip for reverse from the ride height to aloy not it aloy snip to carbon fiber plate that can be length for toe and the rear toe haz thoze that screw in to a low carbon fiber main chasis plate



knucklez one bearing to save weight and bearing pricez and cauze of that yu can uze double axle dog bonez PERFECT


front bumper mount


body post mount in to the uper deck that iz one peice al the way from front and or to rear with hole in carbon fiber to pres lock this


caster iz stear angle caster to


with wieght to balance car but this bar sit above a aloy angle mount with two ceramic bal then that bar above in the link then two more ceramic bal then the top lock plate to rol with caster

yu slide the front uper carbon fiber angle back for caster and or the botom main chasis plate forward then angle the aloy caster mountz that mount two screw like a triangle in to the carbon fiber if yu se the whael side of this car and laok above the whael the yu se the aloy hole for the knuckle then 45 degrea angle inward toward dif two screw hole that mount that aloy part each about 4.8mm apart in to the carbon fiber above and or below to mount knuckle yu can make theze any caster with the stear slide bar and change height position of cyclinder for right height change with and or with out damper from stabalizer spring damper ratez

dog bone double axle with this


done for the most part wow wory most part


one last thing


al the gear taeth count are that above and brake caliper hole and rim spoke and tire tread and every gear even in servo and al the bal count in al the bearing

where it change direction from that iz when yu get pinion and or spur gearz az thoze are counted normal number

i cal the kit MINI-Z MA-04