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2016.10.11, 11:17 AM
Hey guys, just bought my first mini z. I live in manhattan and was looking around for some tracks or get togethers. I have found a track in new rochelle but its over an hour away using public transit. Another one in long island but its about 2hrs away. Was hoping to get other suggestions. Or maybe, if there are other people in the city that are looking into options of renting a space somewhere where we can meet up and race.
Thanks for the help

2016.10.11, 12:23 PM
First welcome to the forum.

There is Bruckner Hobbies in the Bronx. Just add dot com to the name and it should take you there.

2016.10.11, 07:39 PM
Yeah welcome to the forums. Hmm would like to know this as well... my brother in law lives on Long Island... somewhere in Jericho. Where's the track you found on Long Island? I've been trying to get to Maj's track... maybe next time I'm over there...

2016.10.12, 09:03 AM
I have been going to Bruckner hobbies now known as hobby heros. It is right off the throgs neck bridge. I come from Queens and I only go there Sunday mornings so there is no traffic and plenty of parking. They have 24x8 carpet track, very tight but they have all the parts you need on hand and prices as cheap as online or cheaper.

2016.10.13, 08:33 AM
great thanks guys. It's still over an hour away but if there open sundays then thats not too much of a problem.
herman its called Island raceway and hobby

2016.10.13, 08:32 PM
Hobby heros is open from 10:15-7pm on Sunday. To practice on the track is free, but if you are coming from RCP expect way less grip but luckily they have all the parts you need to run good there.also I didn't know island raceway have a mini z track. I thought they have a indoor off road track.

2016.10.14, 11:04 AM
Thanks for the info

2016.10.14, 05:32 PM
NSXtat, your right its not a mini z track, my bad.

2016.10.19, 08:19 PM
They just changed the track layout this week. My friend showed me the picture. I didn't get a chance to drive on it yet. I will be there Sunday morning with 2 friends. I don't race but I like to practice on track since I am new to this a well.