View Full Version : ZRound Suite 1.15 build 5

2016.10.16, 12:23 PM
Just published ZRound Suite 1.15.5.

- Customizable columns in race reports
- QRCode printed for direct access to web results
- Multiple rounds on prequalify issue (only PN Racing format) solved

Issues about printing lap times sheet has been solved.

Full change log at http://www.zround.com/wiki/doku.php/changelog
Version download: http://www.zround.com/request.php?48
Bug tracking and feature request at http://www.zround.com/support


2016.10.16, 03:36 PM
installed this last weekend and prior to restarting the PC a couple times, it was generating a series of repeating errors in practice mode like it was stuck in a loop. had to force close the program and restart the PC to get race manager to run smoothly.


Otherwise, i noticed several new things but haven't yet had the opportunity to try any of them.