View Full Version : Using Zround with Kyosho IC Tag system

2016.10.23, 04:54 PM
Hi --- have used Flipside but just downloaded Zround and can't see anything in the manual for registering my cars/naming them? Any tips on using this with our IC Tag system?

Thanks as always guys

2016.10.24, 07:13 AM
I'm assuming the Dnano option (IC Tag) option is the one to choose..... after that, it seems like its connected correctly (green light) and when going to register drivers, no idea how to get them in the list like I do with Flipside when just placing the car on finish line & auto detecting the ID # for the tag?

I did a search here and no info on the subject that I could find

2016.10.24, 02:59 PM
Detection messages are ignored out of practice/race time.

Just start practice time (clock icon on the top tool bar), the should be detected and added automatically to the practice session. Then you can use double click on the registered car to edit the name, nick, etc.