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2016.10.29, 10:55 AM
KO Propo EX-RR

HCS and MHS compatible (MR-03VE PRO and MA-020VE PRO)

Manufacturer website (https://www.kopropo.co.jp/en/specials/view/21).

Instructional Manual (https://www.kopropo.co.jp/app/webroot/js/kcfinder/upload/files/EX-RR-manual-En-Ver1_02.pdf)

Information from website...

RR Tune-up 1.
Direct throttle feeling has been improved.

The newly designed throttle unit has increased the direct feeling.

Renovating the form by lengthening the throttle trigger and operational angle.
In order to not influence the operational angle, the distance to the finger from the angular sensor has created a more direct feeling while maintaining a compact and comfortable size.
With the direct feeling of the throttle/brake reaction when moved, the increase of this linear feeling allows for a smoother and quicker reaction with input on the throttle and brake.

Spring Tension Adjustment.

Trigger spring tension = personal preference. The new trigger unit provides a spring tension adjustment with a screw. This allows for a stronger or softer spring tension according to personal preference.

The long life period of the angle sensor’s smoothness does not change.

The new angle sensor used has proven to give a precise signal and shown durability.
Because the signal is very precise, delicate movements are very fluid.
The durability of the new sensor has shown approximately an improvement of 100 times over the past sensor used. Small operation feeling of the fingertip translates into a smooth and linear output to an ESC and servo.

RR Tune-up2.
Smoother steering unit.

The soft spring which can be operated with a constant tension.

The normal spring included in the extension unit has been modified.
The previous spring used was a progressive spring becoming stiffer as the wheel angle increased, but the new softer spring give a linear stiffness as the wheel angle increases. Since the spring tension can be adjusted, you can set the spring tension to your personal preference.

Small diameter of the wheel / The operation feeling improves with the lightening of the wheel.

The newly designed wheel is made from aluminum.
Multiple run test were iterated and the best wheel diameter was chosen.
Becoming a little smaller then previous wheels the reaction of the car operation has improved.
The diameter of the aluminum wheel is 2mm smaller and the weight is the same as a plastic wheel. Therefore, it has the rigidity of aluminum but a light operation feeling.

The sponge material has an exquisite grip feeling.

The sponge material has also been changed to improve the feel to the fingers.
The increased comfort gives the impression of the fingers grasping securely even during a long race.

RR Tune-up3.
The evolved software.

Calculator has rollout calculation.


This new function has been added to the calculator in the EX-2.
[Put TYRE DIAMETER in the calculator, ROLLOUT( Car movement distant per one motor rotation ) is automatically calculated. This is useful for changing gearing in a DD car.

New Push Control Function for Direct drive car.


A motor that has a strong magnetic force will add a braking effect when the throttle is released and will make a car stall in the corner. Setting the amount of forward input to remain on the throttle as the trigger returns to neutral can be adjusted. This is effective for F1, WorldGT and 1/12 category of cars whose gear ratio is small.

English⇔Japanese language change is possible in the menu.


You can change language in the display from Japanese and English. Selecting the display language that you prefer to use.

Adding various performance functions such as down timer and more.

Additional Functions

#Individual response settings for the steering and throttle.( Feel setting menu)
#Display RF mode (FH-G/ FH-F /MzMHS G/MzMHS F)
#2 way setting point in the Steering Speed. (2WAY;TURN1/2、TURN POS RETURN1/2、RETURNPOS)
#3 way Setting point in the Throttle Speed. (3WAY; TURN L/M/H RETURN H/M/L、POS L>M/M>H)
#Balance L/R added in the Steering override.
#Add User timer. >CONFIG Menu
#40 model memory.

Function Summary
Model Select / Model Name / Model Copy / Model Reset / All Reset

Display / Battery / Calculator / Sound / VR Information / Config / Key Speed / Menu Speed / Language / Operation time / User timer

Steering Travel / Steering Balance / Steering Trim/Steering Sub Trim / Steering Trim rate / Steering Speed Turn(2way) / Steering Speed return (2way) / Steering Curve / Steering Punch / Steering Feel / Steering Response / Steering Auto Trim / Steering Auto Balance /Steering Reverse

Throttle travel F / Throttle travel B / Throttle Trim/Throttle Sub Trim / Throttle Trim rate / Throttle Speed Turn(3way) / Throttle Speed reTurn(3way) / Throttle Curve / Throttle Punch / Throttle Feel / Throttle Response / Push Control/ ACCEL / ABS / Auto Start / Idle Up / Neutral Brake / Throttle Override / Throttle Reverse
KEY Setting / 2WAY / 3WAY / 5WAY / ANALOG / Gyro / Twin Servo / 4WS/AMP Mixing /Throttle Mixing / Trim Set

Timer Start / Trigger Start / Lap history / Start Stop Key / Lap Key / Lap Navi / Alarm time / Pre Alarm / Alarm Mode / Timer Mode (Lap Timer/Down Timer)

RR Tune-up4.
Higher quality stylish wrapping.

●Master unit and Grip Panel have carbon fiber printing.
●Some screws used are aluminum for weight reduction.
●New degined Aluminum Wheel


No. 80576

#Weight:536g (not included battery)
#Battery: RO3/AAA/UM4 battery x 4
#Current: 150mA
#Using time: 4 or 5 hours( with alkaline battery)
#Channels:4 channels #Frequency:2.4GHz(FHSS)
# Model memory: 40
#Compatible receivers: KR-413FH,KR-241FH,KR-211FH,KR-212FHG.
*If you use Li-fe, Li-po, you must use with our option unit (Battery stand Unit).

Q & A

Q: Can the EX-RR be used for all Mini-Z?

A: EX-RR can be used for Normal FHSS( with our compatible receivers ) and MHS compatible Mini-Z.
EX-RR can not be used with non-compatible MHS Mini-Z.

Q: Can the HCS be used for Mini-Z?

A: HCS does not work with Mini-Z.

Q: Grip unit seems similar to Grip unit of EX-1. What are differences with these grips?

A: Carbon printing grip plates and silver aluminum screws are different. The important point is the Trigger unit which operates the throttle is a renewed design. Angle sensor is new and other parts were renewed. You will notice a good feeling compared to the previous unit.

Q: EX-RR can be use with other receivers?

A: If you use the EX-RR with the KR-415FHD, you can use HCS but you can also use it in the normal FHSS mode. The previous FHSS corresponding receivers can also be used. (KR-211FH、KR-212FHG、KR-241FH、KR-413FH)

Q: Can the KR-415FHD be used with EX-1 or EX-2 transmitters?

A: Yes they can be used. Also HCS is a function between the compatible receiver and servo, so you can use HCS when using a compatible receiver and servo.

Q: What is Dual RX ?

A: Previous receiver have one antenna and one receiver circuit. KR-415FHD achieves a highly precise receiving performance with the use of a dual circuit and an external and internal antenna.

2017.07.04, 10:50 AM
OK, we have more product information on the EX-RR transmitter from Ko Propo and I've updated the previous post.

This does appear to be a proper improvement vs. just hardware flash which is nice to see. Unfortunately it is now MHS compatible ONLY for Mini-Z.

Given the specificity of the improvements, it doesn't seem likely that the firware improvements will make it to the EX-6 but who knows in the end. I've asked this question on their social media post for the product and have not seen a reply.:( So much for social media replacing forums... just as unlikely to get an answer from a manufacturer on their own social media page as we are to get an answer shared to a forum community. I've posted many questions on manufacturer Social media product posts and haven't seen much response if any. :(

2017.07.04, 11:54 AM
follow up, KO Propo answered a few questions, need to ask Kyosho... so i did. they never responded to the first question so lets see if they respond to the follow up.

Gtg Masters
Will the firmware improvements be ported to the EX-6 and or K.I.Y. transmitters?

KO Propo America
I believe Kyosho is releasing a RR version of the EX-6 that has the new Expert Grip2 included. This would also mean the software is updated for this new trigger system.

Gtg Masters
Thank you!
i try to be polite and thank anyone that is willing to respond. some never do.