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2016.11.02, 10:30 AM
Hey guys. Just picked up a Mini z buggy 50th anniversary edition with an asf board. Looking to get some advice on motors. Whats the most powerful/fastest motor I can put in the buggy? would it be the Atomic Chilli? Im reading that replacing the Fets or stacking them would be needed in addition to the more powerful motor if so what Fets should I get and how many?
I have a large flat area in the back of my building so hitting top speed shouldn't be too much of an issue.
Thanks in advance

2016.11.02, 12:15 PM
Before even considering a Chili I would look at the Atomic Stock 48T. it has all the torque which will let you gear outrageously high without needing to change or add fets to the board. The AS 48T geared to say the 4:50/ 4:70 to range will give you more than enough top speed to achieve the "vanishing point". Not to mention the fact that it is many times more durable than the Chili.

2016.11.02, 03:14 PM
thanks for the suggestion. Though I would wonder if it be a noticeable improvement over the Xspeed motor it already comes with. I think the xspeed is a 50t

2016.11.02, 05:41 PM
Huge difference. Though a great little motor the X-speed at 54T is not a torque monster while the old 48T Atomic stock is a pocket rocket with tons of torque. I am speaking of the original not the newer round can motors which are great little motors but can be hard on brushes thereby a little short lived without maintenance.

2016.11.04, 08:21 PM
I checked and they don't have anything in stock. emailed them to see when they would be getting some but no reply as of yet. I also found this motor chart. Pretty useful for anyone else considering atomic motors. Took a screenshot