View Full Version : Steering lost straightness

2016.11.03, 08:22 AM
This is a slightly different topic then fixing the centering lots of us experienced with the MA, and I am again looking for advice..

After all the centering fix I did, my MA seems to track straight and centering fine after turn. But it seems to me that after driving for like couple of laps, the car will suddenly lost its straightness, and I have the adjust the steering trim and it will track straight again. I mean it still centers fine, but I am not sure what causes it lost its straightness. Any idea?

2016.11.03, 08:30 AM
My first thought would be the potentiometer is loose in its housing when you correct the steering every couple laps is it back and forth left and right or are you correcting the same direction each time?

2016.11.03, 11:13 AM
Thanks for the tip! Let me pay attention to that tonight.

2016.11.03, 11:16 AM
Also check your servo gears, you could have a broken/damaged tooth that is skipping.

2016.11.03, 12:30 PM
Or tx steering wheel tensioner spring too loose and wont spring back to center.

2016.11.03, 05:37 PM
I actually sent my buggy back to kyosho for doing the exact same thing right out of the box. They told me they replaced the "pot" and sent it back. running fine now.